Miami-Dade Schools Police: Arrest Of Student For Attempted Murder Followed By Murder Of Another

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Florida Public Employees




January 21, 2014

Contact: Howard Giraldo 305-219-1282

Miami-Dade County Public Schools:  Arrest of student on campus for attempted murder followed by the murder of a second student previously arrested by members of the Fraternal Order Police (FOP/Miami-Dade Schools Police).

11:00 AM: A student considered “armed and dangerous” by law enforcement was arrested on campus after being removed from class.  At the time of arrest, the student was armed with a loaded handgun.  Charged with one count of attempted murder, this student is linked to at least one Homicide and other off-campus gang related shootings.

4:00 PM: A student previously arrested for possession of a firearm on school grounds was shot and killed off campus following his release from the Juvenile Detention Center.

FOP Lodge 133-President Howard Giraldo states:  “Miami-Dade Schools Police officers are the frontline in the fight to keep our schools safe.”

Although the FOP continues to negotiate with the School District for industry standard pay, its membership remains committed to safeguarding the schools, students and community.


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