Message From Represenatative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasalinda (D)


District 9

Thank you for re-electing me the hardest job I’ve ever loved.  I have enjoyed my service as your State Representative and will continue to work hard for you and our community!

As I have over the last two years, I will continue to work hard everyday to make a difference and fight for the issues you care about. I tried again to secure additional days off for our hard working state workforce, and I have been working to make clean and renewable energy a reality. I will fight for women’s rights and against bad legislation that hurts our teachers. Creating jobs through the formation of the Film Entertainment and Television Caucus remains a priority. I will also revisit the legislation I authored and passed, which was the most sweeping recycling legislation in more than a decade. These are just a few of the things I will continue to work on in your behalf.

We must protect our unique and sensitive environment while seeking to create clean jobs and a vibrant economy, all while seeking excellence for our children and their grandchildren. Each is possible if we have the political will.

Since I first began running in 2006, I have championed the idea of excellence in all we do. Our state is ranked at the bottom of so many indicators.  From infant mortality and child well being to high school graduation rates, our state is settling for mediocre.

I have offered solutions that include collecting the billions in taxes our state is already owed from internet purchases.  I was also the first to suggest creating bigger incentives for film production through the Film, Entertainment and Television Caucus, which I formed in the state legislature. This bipartisan caucus is designed to continue focusing legislative energies on bringing more film production to Florida.

I encourage you to learn more about how I have voted and where I stand on many issues by clicking on the MY View tab ..

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