Message From FPF President: Senate and House Bills On FRS

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April 16, 2013

Provided to Florida Public Employees

By: Gary Rainey

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Senator Simpson, the sponsor of Senate bill 1392 which we are supporting offered an amendment to the bill which we were seeking. The amendment will give newly hired employees 7 months to decide if they want to be members of the pension plan or the investment plan. The current window is 5 months. (see attachment)

The bill is still on the Senate calendar but has not moved this past week for 3rd reading and final passage. If you haven’t already called your Senator and asked them to vote NO on HB 7011 and YES on SB 1392, it’s not too late. Don’t know who you’re State Senator is? enter your zipcode at:

For more information on the two bills please visit the FPF web site, where you can view a sided by side comparison of both bills.


Gary Rainey, President/CEO
Florida Professional Firefighters, 850-224-7333

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