May 28, 2014 Daily News Recap

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Ledger_Florida_Public_EmployeesThe Ledger: Gov. Scott Shows Wrong Way To Treat People

Jennifer Carroll abruptly resigned as Florida’s lieutenant governor in March 2013. It was a rather bizarre event, even by Tallahassee standards. She released a short resignation letter with no details. The timing was odd — right at the start of the legislative session.


Palm_Beach_Post_florida_public_EmployeesPalm Beach Post:Florida uses latest ‘augmented reality’ technology to go after lionfish

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has earned a reputation for boldly going where few government agencies dare to venture — Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


Florida_Public_EmployeesBusiness Journal: Florida ranks No. 28 in U.S. for the health of seniors

A report from America’s Health Rankings 2014 ranks Florida No. 28 in the United States for the health of seniors, which may raise some concern since Florida’s senior population growth is on the rise.


Supreme_Court_District_MapStar-Telegram: Supreme Court strikes down Florida’s narrow definition of intellectual disability

WASHINGTON — A closely divided Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down Florida’s strict IQ cutoff for determining a convicted criminal’s eligibility for the death penalty.



florida_arts_fundingWJCT News:  Florida Arts Programs Get Highest Funding Ever From Lawmakers

The Actors’ Playhouse executive director Barbara Stein says most of the Coral Gables theater’s paid performers are from South Florida.


Florida_public_employees_Boca_RatonSun Sentinel:  Boca Raton stops short of explicit city investments in Israel

Boca Raton‘s City Council members wouldn’t go along with a proposal to invest city money in Israel Tuesday — but Israel bonds might end up in the portfolio anyway.


CBS_Miami_Florida_public_employeesCBS Miami: North Miami To Hold Special Election For Mayor’s Office

NORTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) – North Miami leaders voted Tuesday night to hold a special election to find a mayor to replace suspended mayor Lucie Tondreau.





New York's Financial DistrictHuffington Post:  The Wall Street Pension Scam

In recent years there has been a regular drum beat of news stories warning us about the enormous unfunded liabilities of state and local pension funds. Much of this has come from reports issued from well-endowed foundations, most notably the Pew and Arnold foundations who have a joint project on public pensions.


Peyton_Robertson_florida_public_employeesSun Sentinel:  Florida scientist, 12, wows Obama with ‘sandless sandbag’

WASHINGTON — Peyton Robertson, a 12-year-old budding scientist from Fort Lauderdale, wowed President Barack Obama on Tuesday with a timely invention: a lightweight “sandless sandbag” designed to hold back salt-water flooding and rising seas.


CNN_Justice_florida_public_employeesCNN: Justices strike down Florida’s IQ rule for executions

(CNN) – Florida cannot use a hard cutoff on a convict’s IQ as the sole basis for determining eligibility for execution, a divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.


ADS_florida_public_employeesArizona Daily Star:  Harry Peck: Postal Service can prosper again

While it apparently supports legislation with some usable and seemingly reasonable suggestions, it is fatally flawed. Why? Because it tries to solve a problem without recognizing its cause. The USPS difficulties result not from its management or failure to adapt to modern advances like email, but ….


Hays Post: Privatization initiative offers window on Kansas government

OPEKA — Soon after Gov. Sam Brownback’s inauguration, his then-chief of staff David Kensinger sat down for a private meeting with his recent lobbying firm partner, Matt Hickam; a Cabinet secretary, Rob Siedlecki; and a Brownback campaign contributor seeking to expand his company’s business in Kansas.


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