LIFE IN FLORIDA and why I will never vote Republican

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Vote 2012

August 9, 2012

Public expressions of discontent with the direction of today’s Republican Party are becoming more common with each passing day.  Growing dissatisfaction, without doubt, have been the fuel that has inspired high profile party members such as former Florida  Governor Jeb Bush to make public statements regarding this sentiment.

Perhaps in what encapsulates how many Americans are feeling about the Republican Party, today on Florida Public Employees main facebook page the following statement was shared.

By: Natasha Jordan.

“Seriously?  What has ANY Florida Republican done for the quality of life for their citizens?

People have had enough and if these Democrats continue to stay home and not vote it will only get worse for all of us here. The consumer is the job creator, and with the way this Republican state oppresses people, from civil rights to worker rights, our citizens will never get out of the clutches of this total insanity of doing the exact opposite of what is good for us.

The Federal government can only intervene to stop certain things that these GOP crazies throw down on us – it is time to get them out. They have cut jobs, teachers, firefighters, water district, and every state department that goes against their views of public sector jobs, adding to the already high unemployment here. They cut unemployment compensation, education by 3 billion, voter right restrictions, screwed home owners in foreclosure, then even passed law to screw them faster with that new 20 days to respond law.

Lawsuits we have to pay for that are unconstitutional, yet they push and waste money anyway. Urine testing, NRA pushing for what a doctor can or can not say about gun safety in the home, women’s reproductive rights, the push to privatize our schools, give our tax dollars to church based schools, privatize the prison system where there will be no push to let people out so they can profit personally from these companies who paid them bribes, made legal by these very people that are elected – the leaders of our House and Senate to operate what are laughably called ‘leadership funds.”

With elections upon us, we”ll just have to see how the popular vote affects the Republican Party.


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