Letter from Geno Perez, Unhappy Republican, Military Veteran, Career Public Employee, Former Candidate For State Representative

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Geno Perez – Career Public Employee

September 12, 2012

By: Eugenio “Geno” Perez

Republican?  I felt like an outcast!!

I don’t believe there is much room in the Republican Party (at least in Miami-Dade) for a career government worker and public servant like myself.

I hatched these dogmas based on the actions taken by local Republican leaders as well as the State Republican leaders during the recent primary election.

In my opinion the local the Republican Party have fragmented the party by creating an underground Miami style monarchy in which a certain group rules for life and pass the responsibilities and power of the position to their friends, children or family when they die.

During the recent August 14th “primary” elections, instead of staying neutral and allowing the incumbents to enjoy their given advantages and money advantages against other candidates from the same party, it became necessary for them to send (in my case) $100,000 to an already rich incumbent who raised $436,000.

All the Republican challengers were lifelong republicans, two of which are former United States Marines.

The bottom line message from the Republican leadership was “The incumbents were not to be challenged!”. All other Republicans were to stand down and wait their turn regardless for their accomplishments, loyalty to the party, and service to their country and community.

So why have primary elections?  So the Republicans who are not in the precious sphere because they were actually out protecting the country should just stay out and be good voters.

Needless to say, I am very disenchanted with what has become of the establishment.

The Republican leadership did not disappoint the incumbents with their generous campaign donations and PAC donations.

If that was not enough, they also paid for weekly mailers and approved pictures of the incumbents with Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney.

One incumbent candidate actually had Marco Rubio’s wife stand with them during early voting and ask for votes on behalf of Marco Rubio.

I should also mention that the incumbents had in some cases twenty times the amount of money as the challengers in their campaign accounts.

Doesn’t this seem a little over the top?  Let’s also throw in some talking points they used on me such as telling voters that I am a liberal because of my union history.

So perhaps I will just take a seat on the sidelines as an Independent. There is much more to this story and reasons for my change.

I know many other Republicans who feel the same way.

I do not blame my opponent Mike Bileca.  He was just taking what they give him.  I blame the Party establishment for their alienating and polarizing style of leadership.

This unpleasant comportment is not good judgment for them with the presidential election looming.

I function better in a non-partisan position which is more allied with my walks of life such as a Veteran, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Teacher, and “yes” a union leader with the Federal Government and Steward with the Teachers Union.

Although this may seem to be a liberal path for the far right in Miami, it’s not in my eyes. I have lived in small communities and cities where almost everyone was Republican and they worked right along with me as public servants and also members of unions.

Since when did standing up for your rights and fighting for equality become just an act for liberals?


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