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*****Updated – February 12, 2012*****

Take Action. Have Impact.

By working together in unity – across all public/private sector dividing lines, across union/non-union dividing lines, and across partisan political dividing lines – working and middle class Floridians can have powerful impact on the laws and regulations that govern our state and our lives.

A variety of large corporations and the elected officials and bureaucrats who put their interests first and foremost, they want us to fight amongst ourselves. They want our government to seem complicated and inaccessible, unresponsive and resistant to change.

That’s because they like things just the way they are, and they don’t want us working to make changes that threaten their power.

But We The People, the 99-Percenters, we don’t like things the way they are. And here’s how we can make changes…


Identify Your Elected Officials

First order of business is for all of us to know exactly who the elected officials are in our respective communities, and how to get in contact with them. We can’t tell them how best to represent our interests or hold them accountable for how well they listen, unless we know who they are. Click and save the link below to find out who the elected officials are in your particular area, and how to reach them by phone and/or email.


Sign Up For Florida PEP Action Alerts

Often, we find the current governor and legislative leadership in Tallahassee trying to “fast-track” passage of legislation that they know may be unpopular – particularly with working and middle class Floridians who belong to Florida PEP. This makes it all the more urgent that you click on the Join Florida PEP link on this website, to sign up for Action Alerts. Time and again, it has been proven that a flood of telephone calls and emails to legislators at critical moments in the process can save public sector jobs, essential programs and services, funding for public schools, public health and public safety, and more. We must let our elected officials know we are watching, listening and waiting to hold them accountable come election time if they fail to represent our best interests.

Identify & Understand Key Issues & Legislation

The number of legislative initiatives and bills up for committee hearings and votes in Tallahassee during each year’s 60-day session is staggering – far beyond the capacity of most of us to follow, much less easily comprehend. So Florida Pep’s legislative advisors will focus us in on a core group of issues and bills moving through the political and legislative process, explaining our position in opposition to or in support of them. With the 2012 legislative session now in progress, we need to concentrate on bills that may soon become law, including the following:

SB 2036 – Outsourcing or Privatizing of Agency Functions

Track This Bill

Florida PEP opposes this bill because it seeks to opens the door for the outsourcing and/or privatization of public services, government departments and/or agencies. It further seeks to eliminate current requirements for public notice of outsourcing and/or privatization without having to justify such action will be more effective than when run by the government agency. This Bill will jeopardize thousands of Public Employees jobs and benefits.

Description: Outsourcing or Privatization of Agency Functions; Providing that certain information relating to the outsourcing or privatization of an agency function which is expressly required by law is not required to be included in the agency’s legislative budget request until after the contract for such function is executed; requiring an agency to publicly publish the business case prepared for an outsourcing project on the agency’s website; providing that certain requirements that apply to Department of Corrections’ contracts do not apply to contracts for outsourcing or privatizing the operation and maintenance of correctional facilities which are expressly required by law, etc.

SB 2038 – Privatization of Correctional Facilities

Track This Bill

Florida PEP opposes this bill because it seeks to privatize Florida Department of Corrections prison facilities. A action that threatens the jobs of nearly 4,000 Public Employee correctional officers jobs and benefits. It further threatens the security and safety of prison facilities and neighboring communities.

Description: Privatization of Correctional Facilities; Requiring that the Department of Management Services, working with the Department of Corrections, privatize the management and operation of certain correctional facilities and assigned correctional units; requiring that the Department of Management Services issue two or more requests for proposals; requiring that the Department of Corrections determine the costs incurred for the 2010-2011 fiscal year for each correctional facility and assigned correctional unit according to a specified formula; requiring that certain accounts associated with the correctional facilities and assigned correctional units continue to be remitted to the General Revenue Fund; requiring that the Department of Corrections prepare and submit to the Legislative Budget Commission proposed revisions to its operating budget, etc.


SB 1852 – Charter Schools

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Florida PEP opposes this bill because it continues the terrible trend of defunding and destabilizing our already embattled public education system. In addition to jeopardizing yet more public employee jobs, this legislation seeks to circumvent established accountability measures in dealing with low performing schools, further tipping the scale against public schools in favor of charter schools.

Providing that a community college may operate no more than one charter school that serves students in kindergarten through grade 12, if the community college operates an approved teacher preparation program; revising the restriction on the establishment of new charter schools that replicate a high-performing charter school’s educational program; authorizing a high-performing charter school that is part of a high-performing charter school system to increase student enrollment, expand grade levels, submit quarterly financial statements, consolidate charters, and modify charter terms, etc.


HB 1335/HB 1347/SB 1590/SB 1592/SB 1870 – Fair Economy Act Legislation

Track These Bills

Florida PEP supports this set of bills because taken together, they would begin to restore common sense, fairness and balance to our state’s economic and taxation policies. These bills would help put an end to an awful era of budget deficits and public sector cutbacks, generating billions of dollars in new tax revenues by finally closing the needless tax loopholes and halting the tax handouts for giant multi-national corporations.

Description (HB 1335): Creates “Corporate Transparency in the State Budget Act”; requires each granting body & recipient corporation to complete application for economic development subsidy on form prepared by DEO; requires each contracting agency & applicant for contract bid to complete application prepared by DEO; requires economic development subsidy reports & details criteria for such reports; authorizes Auditor General to conduct contract audits; requires DEO to compile & report annual tax expenditure budget with revenues equal to or exceeding certain amount; requires DEO to submit report to Governor & Legislature assessing certain credits, abatements, exemptions, & reductions; requires each property taxing entity to submit annual report for property receiving tax abatement or reduction during fiscal year; requires certain corporations doing business in state to file tax disclosure statement with DOR; requires that DOR make tax disclosure statements available to public; requires DOR to develop oversight & penalty system; authorizes rulemaking authority.


Track Key Legislation

While Florida PEP will do its best to keep you updated and informed about how key issues and legislation are developing, you can also track the progress of any state  House or Senate bill you may hear or read about, for yourself, using this invaluable “Bill Tracker” tool:

Click Here to Track Key Legislation




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