Knowing A Win Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1 Million, Why Is Sen. Thrasher Waiting To Resign?

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As reported in the St. Petersburg Blog by : Senator John “Thrasher who is widely expected to get the nod from state university system Board of Governors in November —after the elections— has opted to wait to resign his Senate District 6 seat.”  In doing so, Thrasher’s name remains on the Ballot.

Expected to win his re-election,  Thrasher’s decision without doubt will cost Florida taxpayer up to $1 million to conduct a special election.  Which brings up the dilemma of Thrasher running for a senate term he knowingly will not serve.   A dilemma that stems from the fact, Thrasher’s senate resignation is expected to follow his confirmation as president of Florida State University.

On his decision Thrasher states he “believes it is the right thing for his constituents of Flagler, St. Johns and Putnam Counties, as well as northeast Volusia County.”

Is it the right decision for his constituents or the Republican Party of Florida?  Or, is it that a resignation now would provide his opponents and perhaps the Democratic Party of Florida an opportunity to win this vital seat?

For better understanding, lets review a few facts:

On the ballot for District 6 are:  Greg Feldman (NPA),  John Thrasher (R), and Kathleen Trued (D) 

The breakdown of registered voter for this District is:  Republican………. 42%,  Democrat………… 32%, Other …………….. 26%

Although District 6 Votes Strong Republican, a comparison of votes cast for District 6 reveals a reduction in Thrasher’s margin of win from 2010 to 2012.


Thrasher defeated his Democratic opponent Kathleen Trued by a vote of 58.7% to 41.3%.


Thrasher defeated his Democratic opponent Deborah Gianoulis, a retired television anchor, by a vote of 60.01% to 39.93%.

With a documented decrease in the margin of win by Thrasher and Governor Rick Scott’s unpopularity among Florida voters it appears the fear of retaining District 6 – a Republican controlled seat – trumps the expense to Florida taxpayers.   An unnecessary burden to taxpayers rooted in the personal agenda of a so-called conservative elected to represent fellow Floridians.


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