Kindness And Human Compassion A Way Of Life For Most Public Employees

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Kindness and Human Compassion is in us all

January 21, 2013

Shared on the Florida Public Employees Facebook page, a teacher’s random act of kindness serves as a reminder: Doing right by others is a personal choice.  A choice that is a way of life for not just Karen, but most Public Employees.

By: Karen Glorsky Epstein

A few nights ago I did one of my random acts of kindliness at Publix.

The guy in front of me had his card declined when trying to buy a few groceries. The cashier stored the order and he stepped aside as he called people to help him out on his cell. I asked her how much was his total, she replied, $25.20. I thought for a moment, I am a teacher living paycheck to paycheck, “what am I thinking”, I told myself! I thought back to payday. On Friday I received my “raise” it was not much more than the $25 dollars the amount of this man’s grocery bill. So, I paid for it, I figure I will just cut back on my Starbucks for the month. With glee, I swiped my card.

The Publix cashier was so nice; she kept trying to tell the guy what I was doing. The man never said a word, not sure he fully understood English. The cashier thanked me and the people in line smiled. The cashier kept looking at the man standing behind me, saddened. I told the cashier it was OK, he didn’t have to thank me. I didn’t do it for thanks. I have been there and I know what it feels like.

I am sharing this video and story for the purpose of getting others to look around for random acts of kindness. I love this video because sometimes we are presented with opportunities to help others and it rarely involves money. Imagine a world if everyone did just ONE nice thing to someone. Give a little love and get a little love. It can go a long way.

For more watch this Amazing video.

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