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A Partnership For All Floridians

October 7, 2012


FPEP – Florida Public Employees Partnership – 
is the Sunshine State’s newest, most unique political advocacy organization, dedicated to giving voice, representation and support to what we call The Human Infrastructure of Government.

We are 
the million-plus people on the frontlines and behind the scenes – in Public Schools & Education, Public Hospitals & Health Services, Police & Fire Departments, Water & Sewer, Veterans’ Affairs, Elder Affairs, Children & Family Services, Public Transportation, Libraries, Parks & Recreation…and so much more.

We are your family members, your friends and neighbors, your local business supporters. We areactive members and volunteers in your community organizations, and congregations. And we aredeeply concerned, often struggling middle class Floridians…just like you.

In fact, We Are You.

Now, we ask to unite with you in common cause, to fight and win the battle to remake our state’s destructive, anti-middle class tax and economic policies. No more open season for corporate tax reductions, loopholes, “incentives” and other giveaways. No more balancing budgets on the backs of working people and the public programs and services we all depend on. No more trying to turn public vs. private sector worker, or union vs. non-union worker. No more trying to turn the general public against the public sector – Our Government – by defunding and disabling it, one piece at a time.

ENOUGH. The time has come for united, collective action.

Not as Democrats vs. Republicans. Not as unionized workers fighting to protect our own, while forgetting about the struggles and shameful lack of pensions, health coverage and other benefits for so many non-union workers. NO. No Dividing Lines. We are all in this together, and when we unite in issues-driven, policy-focused political and electoral action, we will remake our state, once and for all.

FPEP’S Political Action Plan is now being implemented.  We’ve named an outstanding Advisory Board, and will continue to expand the Board by recruiting private and public sector leaders.

During the past year in a half, as an organization we’ve continued to grow in name recognition via our continued collaboration in statewide efforts in education, labor, judicial retention, voter registration, civic engagement, political candidate forums, and economic redevelopment – the basis of our democratic society.

As you can tell, we are busyAnd to stay busy, we want and need your participation, and support. Please visit for more information; Like us on Facebook at; and follow us on twitter @ PublicEmployees.

Thank You!

In Solidarity,
Robert Asencio, President
Florida Public Employees Partnership

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