Joe Hernandez: Here We Go Again!

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Florida Public Employees


March 23, 2014

Commentary by: Joe Hernandez

Here we go again, never enough money to fund our public school system and read between the lines “services”.  One little secret left out of this article “Looming shortfalls a taking problem in Miami-Dade” is that we are now the number one state for Foreclosure Filings.  Banks have been holding these houses back in order to enjoy the artificial housing bubble we once have again.

Eventually, the flood gates must open, and many houses will be placed on the market, depressing the values of homes and therefore affecting the tax that is collected from homes.

Political activism is the only way to turn the tide.  It’s time to wake up folks and vote these people out of Tallahassee!

The school system needs other sources of revenue, besides property taxes. Politicians have held the line on raising property taxes and will continue to do so.  Their only solution is propose bills such as increasing money for private school vouchers and encouraging more charter schools that further erode the funding public schools receive.  Each child “taken away” from our fine public schools, although not all perfect, is revenue the Miami Dade County Public Schools loses to fund itself.  This is like a cancer, that if you don’t treat it early, will eventually destroy an “equal education for all”.

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