Jeb Bush Suffers Three Defeats at the Hands of Republican Voters

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November 8, 2012

By: Bob Sikes – Scathing Purple Musings

The election sucked all of the oxygen out of the air for the last three months. And from me, too. But as Romney supporter who awakened yesterday with disappointment, I’ve hope  that the totality of the voting across that nation signals that public education was saved. Most notably, the education reform movement’s chief political architect, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, suffered three significant political defeats. Lets take a look.

1. Floridians didn’t buy the religious freedom nonsense and defeated Bush’s Amendment 8. Voters  saw that it was just another back-channel attempt to legalize vouchers. Nearly 1 million Floridians voted against the measure, clearly showing that republican and indepenedent voters didn’t want it.

2. Allow me the opportunity to gloat: So how’s that Chiefs for Change thing going, Jeb? Just a few short months after Gerard Robinson resigned in disgrace in Florida, one of Bush’s hand-picked stars suffered defeat in a red state which Mitt Romney won on Tuesday. Indiana school superintendent  Tony Bennett was defeated by a teacher, Glenda Ritz.  Over 100,000 more Indianans rejected Bennet’s hyper charter school-voucherism in favor of the wisdom of an educator.

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