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The Changing Face of City Council

In yet another victory for Unions and Public Employees:

IUPAT DC 78 Local 2301 in Cape Coral Florida recently embarked on a mission to “change” the make up of city council there. As one can see from the Fox news clip below, some were very anti-union in Cape Coral.

The clip below is about one race where a IAFF member ran and won and his incumbent – opponent is upset about being defeated.

At one point, the city council tried to vote to do away with the Police Dept.!!  They assumed the Sheriff would take over their police services!

 We ran four candidates. IUPAT members, Firefighters members, PBA members all.

We won two of the four elections and the two races we all were NOT successful in were so close, the winners have to respect us!

 Hopefully we can turn other cities into “union cities”!

 I thought you might be interested in this:

Cape Coral Professional Fire Fighters L2424 Elects IAFF Member to Cape Coral City Council and See what his Opponent has to say about his defeat. You will like it!!

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