Interesting What Happens When One Contacts Their State Rep.!!

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February 24, 2014

By: Gary Michalosky

Interesting what happens when one contacts their State Rep.!!
Without putting my signature to anything, I received in the mail today a letter stating my “opt out” of the Predatory Insurance Company call “First Community” (70% increase from from last years Citizen’s policy costs for renewal with them) and that they will be reinstating my Citizens policy with an offer for “renewal”, not the threats to “apply as if I will be a new Citizen’s customer” type of crap I had received when I was calling everyone, to include the State’s Insurance regulators..As it stands, I have found a Florida based Insurance company that a few which I work with have had their Homeowners policy with for a few years now and are no getting gouged like I’ve been seeing now with Citizens and their “Assumption” predatory cohorts. The underwriting agent I had been loyal with since 2000 and who also carries my car insurance has themselves demonstrated to me that they have not been my advocates all this time and have now lost my business to someone who can!!

The days of being loyal to any one insurance company apparently are over and it’s now about being a true consumer every year…

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