In The News Today – November 25, 2015

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WTSP: Gov. Scott wants to spend $230,000 to bear-proof Florida

The state would set aside $230,000 for bear-resistant trash cans and outreach programs to reduce conflicts between humans and bears, as part of Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed $79.3 billion budget.


SPB: Former Secret Service agent and Md. Senate candidate Dan Bongino says he’s thinking of entering Florida U.S. Senate race

Republican Dan Bongino, the former Secret Service agent who nearly defeated an incumbent Democrats in race for Congress in Maryland last year, says that he is considering entering the Republican race for Senate in Florida, and will probably make up his mind by the beginning of 2016.


Daily Mail: Could genetically modified trees save Florida’s orange crop? Scientists provide new hope for tackling tree-killing disease

here’s nothing like starting the day with a fresh glass of orange juice. But the cost of the breakfast favorite could soon rise as orange trees in Florida face destruction from a bug known as the Asian psyllid. The bug is expected to cause production in the sunshine state to be down to its lowest level since 1964.


WTSP:  CDC: ‘Kissing bug’ reported in Florida

Known as Triatomine bugs, they can live indoors in cracks and holes of substandard housing, or in a variety of outdoor settings including porches, brush piles, rodent nests, outdoor dog houses or kennels or chicken coops.


WTSP:  Early education gets boost in Florida budget

Gov. Rick Scott announced Nov. 23 that he proposed $1.1 billion in funding for early education in Florida.


WMNF: The history of Florida’s anti-gay Johns Committee

Many people agree that the legacy of the Johns Committee is a dark stain on Florida’s history; it was a Cold War-era group that cracked down on gay and lesbian state employees including professors at universities. It’s been in the news lately because some students at USF want the name of one member of the Johns Committee taken off the school’s ROTC Building …


South Florida Business Journal: Miami-Dade hospital sale terminated; State probe launched amid lawsuit

The sale of Palm Springs General Hospital has been terminated, but the fallout could drag on with a state investigation and a lawsuit by the rejected buyer.


POLITICOS: Redistricting plaintiffs pull maps that don’t jump waters of Tampa Bay

A coalition of plaintiffs challenging the state Senate maps withdrew two proposals Tuesday that they had originally submitted to the court for consideration during hearings set to begin next week.


TBO: Florida film incentives program will sunset without lawmakers’ support

Following three straight years of failing to convince the Florida Legislature that the film and television industry could be a major economic driver for the state, industry leaders will attempt to do so once again in January.


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