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Bradenton Patch: Florida Zika Virus Cases Climb To 75

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The total number of confirmed cases of Zika virus cases in the Sunshine State has reached 75. That number reflects the latest data released by the Florida Department of Health on Monday.


Tampa Bay Times: Research suggests Florida’s ancient past offers clues about sea level rise today

The looming threat of sea-level rise is a cause for anxiety throughout much of the coastal United States, and Florida is one of the unlucky states most at risk. Miami, alone, is considered one of the most vulnerable cities in the nation — it’s already subject to frequent flooding and has plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on flood control in the near future.


ABC: Florida Drops Complaints Against Abortion Clinics

Florida health regulators are dropping their push to fine three Planned Parenthood centers, saying such action would be redundant now that the governor has signed a law that puts new restrictions on abortions and prohibits any state money from going to the clinics.


Tampa Bay Times: As Enterprise Florida chief resigns, Gov. Rick Scott orders $6 million downsizing

TALLAHASSEE — Bill Johnson, Gov. Rick Scott’s top jobs recruiter, abruptly resigned Monday as president and CEO of Enterprise Florida, which faces a dramatic downsizing after the Legislature rejected its bid for $250 million to attract companies to Florida.


WJXT: Spike in Florida HIV rates prompts change in legislation

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – An alarming spike in HIV rates in Florida has led to legislative action with a law signed by the governor aimed at cutting into that number in one of the places where the disease is spreading most.


Naples Daily News:  Feds: Expanding Medicaid in Florida could serve half of uninsured with mental, substance issues

TALLAHASSEE — Federal health officials on Monday argued that nearly half of the uninsured Floridians suffering from mental illness and substance abuse would have benefitted from Medicaid expansion, but they declined to offer an estimate on what the services would cost the state next year.


PRI: Real estate is booming in south Florida, even as sea level rise becomes a reality

Sea level rise is one of the most obvious and ominous effects of global warming, which makes living in low-lying coastal areas increasingly risky. Yet some of the very places that will be most affected by rising seas are undergoing real estate booms.


Central Florida Future: River advocates fight for Florida’s waters at Wekiva Springs

In the midst of massive fish kills happening across Florida, a group of river advocates traveling the St. Johns River made a stop at Wekiva Springs on March 26 to rally support for Florida’s endangered waterways.


Florida Bulldog: Broward Health lawyer: Gov. Scott’s IG “intent upon destroying” public healthcare system

An attorney hired by Broward Health to assist in responding to a state review of the district’s contracts has accused Gov. Rick Scott’s chief inspector general of being “intent upon destroying the very concept of a community-owned and operated public healthcare system.”


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