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WGCU: Florida’s  Forces Mobilize Against Zika Threat

A late-morning thunderstorm had just passed when Evaristo Miqueli reached the faded yellow house with its overgrown plants and algae-covered swimming pool and laid a trap to catch Florida’s most wanted mosquitoes.


WSWS: St. Petersburg, Florida: Wastewater workers under sustained attack by city officials in storm’s wake

For the second time in less than a year, the mismanagement of St. Petersburg city officials has been exposed by a major tropical storm, which resulted this time in them dumping 10 million gallons of sewage into Tampa Bay. Tropical Storm Colin hit the Southeast US earlier this month.


Tallahassee Democrat: TCC trustees approve proposed spending plan, expand dual enrollment ties

Tallahassee Community College trustees Monday approved a $63.3 million spending plan for next year, a slight increase over last year’s budget of $62.2 million.


NBC: After Attack in Orlando, a Look at Florida’s LGBT Protections

Although there are many citywide workplace discrimination protections for LGBT people in Florida, there are no statewide protections, leaving the survivors of the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, among other members of the community, in a possibly vulnerable position at their workplaces.


NY Daily News: Florida county employee says gay pride flag honoring Orlando victims creates ‘hostile work environment’

An employee in Hillsborough County, near Orlando’s Orange County, complained about a rainbow flag creating “a hostile work environment” for her after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, according to a letter obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.


The St. Augustine Record: Former assistant county administrator: UF not a responsible partner at St. Johns County Extension

Jerry Cameron, candidate for the District 3 seat on the St. Johns County Commission, says the University of Florida has engaged in some human resources practices at the county’s Agricultural Center that leave much to be desired, particularly in the process through which it removed former horticulture agent Keith Fuller from his post last year.


Medical Daily: Your Work Environment And The Brain: Lack Of Stimulation, Dirtiness Worsens Cognitive Health

We all choose our different career paths, and each one has its conveniences and hardships. When it comes to where we work and its effect on our health, people are divided: Is it worse to work in an unclean workplace or a boring one? Both can pose risks to our physical health, whether it’s  asbestos exposure or a sedentary lifestyle. But how can these different workplace environments impact our psychological health?


The Washington Post: Interior chief warns 70,000 employees: Sexual harassment is ‘completely out of line with our values’

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell sent a warning to 70,000 agency employees last week to “comply with the ethical responsibilities expected of all Federal employees” and said she is troubled by reports of sexual harassment in the National Park Service.


Florida Politics: Duval County Public Schools selling laptops for $50 to narrow ‘digital divide’

In a large, urban school district like Duval County — where fully half the kids in the public schools are on free or reduced lunch — poverty is real, and widespread. The achievement gap remains stubborn and formidable.


WFLX: Work for Uncle Sam? Careful about wading into the 2016 race

WASHINGTON (AP) – Midway through Tomas Strouhal’s daily mail route, a higher-up from the U.S. Postal Service pulled up behind him with some bad news: That Donald Trump bumper sticker on his personal car parked back at the post office had to go.


Truth Out: The War on Workers’ Compensation

For nearly a century, millions of workers have endured punishing jobs in construction, mining and factory work — jobs with high levels of work-related disability and injury. As a tradeoff for the dangers, they’ve had the assurance of workers’ compensation if injured permanently on the job. Employers accepted this deal, albeit sometimes grudgingly, because it removed the possibility of being sued over work-related injuries.


Health News Florida: Kids Count: Florida Child Poverty Numbers Haven’t Budged

According the latest Kids Count report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Florida has slipped three places in overall child well-being, to 40th place from 37th last year.


ABC: Florida Congressional Candidate Greg Evers Announces AR-15 Giveaway After Orlando Massacre

A Florida Republican state senator is giving away a custom-built semi-automatic rifle in acampaign Facebook contest a week after a gunman killed 49 people in Orlando.


The Washington Post: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 8 in Florida; Ohio, Pennsylvania close: poll

Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has opened up an 8-point lead over presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in the crucial battleground state of Florida, and the two candidates are effectively tied in Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to polling released Tuesday.


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