In The News Today – January 9, 2016

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Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

TPM:  Who Is Behind The Supreme Court Case That Could Cripple Public Unions?

Friedrichs v. California Teacher’s Association is being brought, in name, by a California elementary school teacher who objects to a state law requiring her and other public employees to pay a portion of union dues even though they are not union members.


Sun Sentinel: 12 hopes as lawmakers prepare to meet

Election years are notorious for inaction. Politicians resist tackling difficult issues and taking difficult votes for fear of damaging their chances for re-election. And in Tallahassee, every state senator — thanks to new, court-ordered districts — and every state representative who isn’t term-limited or otherwise retiring will be on the 2016 ballot.


Florida Times Union: Business leaders concerned over new Florida school grade formula

Florida’s public school students took the new state tests late last spring, but it wasn’t until earlier this week that state school board members decided what those results mean.


State: The Absurd Logic Behind Florida’s Docs vs. Glocks Law

This very bizarre case is filed under the name of Wollschlaeger v. Governor of the State of Florida, although First and Second amendment buffs may recognize it under the cutesy nickname Docs vs. Glocks. It started when some gun owners (and the National Rifle Association) told Florida legislators that their doctors were harassing them by asking about gun safety.


TBO: Florida Senate panel could hold key to fate of proposed gun laws

TALLAHASSEE — Florida lawmakers will enter the annual legislative session Tuesday with a full clip of firearms-related bills.


Space Coast Daily: FLORIDA LOTTERY: POWERBALL Jackpot Increased to $800 Million

The POWERBALL jackpot® has rolled 18 times, since the November 7 drawing, resulting in the game’s and the country’s largest jackpot ever – an estimated $800 million for Saturday night’s drawing.


Tallahassee Democrat: One more campaign: Florida Scrub-jay for state bird

The mockingbird – an obnoxious, plagiarizing and promiscuous bully – has got to go. It’s been Florida’s state bird, for no good reason, the last 88 years and that’s plenty.


NBC News: Dashcam Video Captures Arrest of Woman Ousted From Florida Hospital Before Dying

Attorneys for the family of a Florida woman who died after police forced her out of a hospital last month have released dash camera video recorded during her arrest and the final moments of her life.


My Palm Beach: Attorney General Pam Bondi backed testing at center of massive fraud

Florida’s top law enforcement officials knew by 2012 that Millennium Laboratories, the nation’s largest drug testing company, was defrauding Florida Medicaid of millions.


Sayfie review: Counties hope bill resolves fight over detention costs

THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, January 8, 2016……….After years of court battles, Florida counties hope the Legislature will pass a proposed compromise about how juvenile-detention costs are shared with the state.


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