In The News Today – January 11, 2016

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TC Palm: U.S. Supreme Court could weaken public employee unions

WASHINGTON — In a case many believe is an assault on public employee unions nationwide, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday from 10 California teachers and a Christian education association contesting fees paid to support collective bargaining.


Miami Herald: Video: 2016 Florida Legislative Preview


Nature World News:  Manatees Are No Longer Endangered, US Agency Says

The West Indian manatee, or sea cow, should no longer be considered endangered, as it seems that Florida populations are making a comeback. As a result, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposed to downlist the manatee from an endangered to threatened status under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).


Palm Beach Daily: Palm Beach may lower pension collection age for police, firefighters 

As a result, the finance department will go before the Town Council on Tuesday to ask for additional money — $36,000 — to cover research requested by a council committee. The town manager has already authorized $20,000 for studies of the pension system, according to town records. – See more at:


WTSP: Florida braces for campaign spotlight

This may be the week Florida starts becoming a pivotal part of the campaign for president, and that means the election may start showing up in your life in major ways.


ABC News: Tornado Touches Down in Southwest Florida, Damages Homes

Authorities say a weekend tornado that touched down in southwest Florida with winds up to 135 mph damaged several homes, left thousands without power for a time, but caused no serious injuries or deaths.


Patch: $1.3 Billion Powerball: What It Adds Up To In Florida

With no jackpot winner in Saturday night’s $900 million Powerball drawing, the stakes for Wednesday have climbed to a record-shattering level. With an anticipated $1.3 billion now on the line, the jackpot in the multistate lottery is officially the highest in history.


Tallahassee Democrat: PAC powered: Following the money leads to some of Florida’s most powerful players

A forest worth of trees has been clear-cut to produce reams of paper about the corrupting influence of money in politics since Citizens United and other court rulings overturned a century of campaign finance laws.


Tampa Bay Times: PolitiFact Florida: Gov. Rick Scott wants lawmakers to move on his promised tax breaks

Gov. Rick Scott’s State of the State address Tuesday kicks off a legislative session that will put several campaign promises to the test.


WESH: Inmates itching from scabies outbreak at Florida jail

Warden Russell Washburn said Friday that medical staff had been treating the outbreak for the past week. The facility is run by the Corrections Corporation of America.


Sun Sentinel: Gambling, guns, tax cuts and more facing Florida lawmakers

The Legislature will begin its annual session early this year with the hopes of avoiding the chaos and dysfunction that marked the 2015 session and three special sessions that followed.


My Palm Beach: Five powerhouse issues Florida lawmakers will face this session

TALLAHASSEE —A look at five of the big issues facing lawmakers when they begin the 2016 Legislature on Tuesday.


Daytona Beach News Journal: Lawmakers to address conservation spending, bear-human conflicts during session

State legislators have reached a hard-fought compromise on comprehensive bills to try to clean up and protect some of Florida’s most precious waterways, but expect to see much debate over other environmental issues, especially how to divvy up the nearly $1 billion in Amendment 1 money for land and water conservation.


Tampa Bay Times: Mayor Kriseman pledges $1 million to fight violence and poverty in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG — After a recent string of gun violence that killed eight young men and teenagers in as many weeks, the mayor said he took a walk through the city’s Midtown area.


POLITICO: Advocates renew push for suicide prevention training for teachers

TALLAHASSEE — National and state advocates are pushing new legislation that would require suicide prevention training for public school teachers after a similar law was repealed as part of Gov. Rick Scott’s 2011 budget cuts.


WPLG: This Week in South Florida: Jan. 10


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