In The News Today – April 28, 2016

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POLITICO: Scott calls for end to ‘Stop Trump’ movement

TALLAHASSEE — After Donald Trump swept the Republican primaries in five Northeastern states Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott is calling for vocal forces in the Republican Party who oppose the GOP front-runner to get on board with his campaign.


POLITICO: Union-backed super PAC begins anti-Trump push in South Florida

TALLAHASSEE — “Florida Freedom PAC is opposed to the hateful rhetoric that Donald Trump has leveled against Latinos, Muslims and women,” said Elbert Garcia, a committee spokesman. “This project is about educating voters of what’s at stake in this election if his candidacy moves forward.”


POLITICO: CFO’s top attorney strikes back; says McCarty can remain as commissioner

TALLAHASSEE — Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty can rescind his resignation because the Florida Cabinet did not formally accept it when it met Jan. 21 so therefore, “the resignation is not legally effective,” the general counsel for the Department of Financial Services, said Wednesday.


NSF:  Opponents take aim at ‘docs v. glocks’ law

Doctors and physician groups filed an 86-page brief this week asking a federal appeals court to reject a controversial Florida law that would restrict doctors from asking questions and recording information about patients’ gun ownership.


Tampa Bay Times: As Florida leads nation with Zika, a funding fight breaks out in Washington

Democrats and Republicans are escalating a fight over a $1.9 billion request from President Obama to combat a growing threat most pronounced in Florida.


POLITICO:  Turkey Point canal problems prompt scrutiny of plans for new reactors

TALLAHASSEE — At a site along the South Florida coast between two national parks, in an area covered in wetlands where water supplies are already strained, a utility wants to build a nuclear power plant with two generating units.


Palm Beach Post: Florida cities among the best for Hispanic entrepreneurs

A study to identify the top cities for Hispanic entrepreneurs revealed that while Texas may have the most, Florida locales also ranked highly on the list.


Sun Sentinel: FPL and FIU unveil solar research facility

What are the most reliable ways to generate solar power in a “sunshine state” that sees its rays so regularly blocked by heavy, dark tropical storm fronts?


NBC: Ex-Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez Arrested for Domestic Violence

Carlos Alvarez, former mayor of Miami-Dade County and the former director of Miami-Dade Police, was arrested on charges of domestic violence.


Sun Sentinel: New Broward Health CEO could make $950,000

The new chief executive of Broward Health could be paid up to $950,000 in the first year, under the terms of a contract with an executive search firm approved Wednesday by the public hospital district’s board.

READ MORE Reddick-Collier’s Abel Garcia named Florida’s School-Related Employee of the Year

Garcia, who was named Marion County’s 2016 School Related Employee of the Year in January, works with students, most of whom speak Spanish, in the English Language Learners, or ELL, program. That is the new name of the program once known as English for Speakers of Other Languages, or ESOL.


Orlando Sentinel: Lake should settle union dispute

As part of a continuing theme of focusing time and money on problems the size of a gnat while ignoring the massive issue of poor student performance, the School Board again wins the “Most Oblivious” award for five-member boards in Florida.


Sun Sentinel: Ex-Broward teachers union boss’ state pension under review after criminal convictions

State officials confirmed this week they are investigating whether former Broward Teachers Union president Pat Santeramo should keep or forfeit his state pension of more than $3,500 per month.


Sun Sentinel: Florida lawmakers must trust womens’ choices

Women are more than capable of making their own decisions about their bodies. They don’t need Tallahassee politicians doing it for them. If there’s any doubt about that, the U.S. Constitution is on the side of women, not lawmakers.


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