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news Florida House, Senate priorites coincide on Amendment 1, education; differ on health care, medical marijuana

People expect differences between Democrats and Republicans, but even the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature is already seeing its share of disagreements for the upcoming legislative session, both between individual members and between the House and the Senate.

The Dallas Morning News: Jeb Bush faces conservatives, draws boos and cheers at CPAC

Jeb Bush, the current man to beat in the GOP field, came to CPAC on Friday and rejected the suggestion that he’s a closet moderate.

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Sacramento Bee: Sacramento Metro reduces firefighter pay following budget concerns

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District has reduced firefighter pay, responding to concerns that its personnel costs were causing budget shortfalls.

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i School Guide: MOSI Offers Complimentary Annual Membership To Florida Public School Teachers

Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) has recently announced its offering of free annual individual basic memberships on an on-going basis to all Florida public school teachers, faculty and school board employees.

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New York Times:  Governors Can Run, but They Can’t Hide

Mr. Walker, wildly cheered last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference for his anti-union initiatives that incited state protests, seemed to suggest this somehow prepared him to deal with Islamic State terrorists.

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News-Press: Sunday’s letters to the editor, March 1

In the six years I’ve retired in Fort Myers, I seldom remember Lee County School Board operating logically.

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Tallahassee Democrat: Brawer: Say no to concealed carry on campus

Our state colleges and universities are run by some of the smartest people I have ever known. They are liberal, conservative, moderate, progressive, right, left and every stripe in between. It is an insult to characterize every higher educator as an unabashed liberal.

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The Bulletin: Prison services prove profitable

A little-known St. Louis-area company has turned prisons into a business opportunity — and it’s done so by providing services that critics say come at too stiff a price.

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Florida Today: Florida’s uninsured rate drop among best in nation

The percentage of Floridians 18 and older without health insurance fell from 22.1 percent in 2013 to 18.3 percent last year, a new Gallup analysis finds.

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CBS News: Florida police chief fired after prostitution arrest

A South Florida police chief is out of a job after being accused of soliciting a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover deputy, CBS Miami station WFOR-TV reports.

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ABC News: Florida Boy Who Survived Double Lung Transplant Fulfills Firefighting Dream

Cameron Witsman, who was born with a lung defect, became an honorary firefighter on Friday in Eustis, Florida, a town about one hour northwest of Orlando.

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