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Miami Herald:Report: Healthcare for government retirees a “hidden” threat to ..

And every year, like so many other South Florida municipalities, the city … to in the public sector as Other Public Employee Benefits (OPEB).

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Florida Today: Satellite Beach installs drain grate to stop manatees

A day after a frantic rescue to save 19 manatees trapped in a storm drain, city workers in Satellite Beach re-installed a grate Tuesday to prevent a repeat performance.

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Orlando Sentinel:Study: Municipal retiree health-care liabilities a ‘ticking time bomb’

A “ticking time bomb” awaits many Florida cities and counties that are not providing enough money to fund health benefits for retirees, according to a new study that shows Orlando to have one of the highest liabilities in the state.

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WCTV: Woody Hildebrandt Suspended Without Pay

Tuesday, Leon County Schools suspended Lively Tech Principal Woody Hildebrandt without pay after he was arrested in January on several charges of theft.

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Tampa Bay Times: States predict inmates’ future crimes with secretive surveys

On a hot Friday in July, a parolee was mowing a lawn in a small cul-de-sac on the west side of the city when he stopped to ask for a glass of water.

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North Ft. Myers Neighbor: General employees union contract ratified

After much discussion that at times turned confrontational, City Council voted 7-1 Monday night to ratify the contract agreements with the city’s four units of the general employees union.

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Daily News: SEE IT! Florida sheriff’s deputy drags sobbing mentally ill woman by leg shackles through courthouse

A Florida sheriff’s deputy is under investigation after he was caught on video dragging a mentally ill woman by her ankle shackles down a courthouse hallway, authorities said.

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Florida Today: DHS shutdown would affect thousands of Florida workers

More than 12,000 airport screeners, border patrol officers, and other Homeland Security employees working in Florida would be affected if Congress doesn’t agree this week on funding the agency for the rest of the fiscal year.

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