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April 8, 2014


House_of_representatives_florida_public_employeesFlorida House of Representatives:  Daily Actions of the House

This document reflects the daily actions of the House as recorded by the Journal and is provided for ease of use. For the official actions of the House please refer to The Daily Journal of the House located on



FPE: Florida PTA: The Boogeyman Who Torments Step Up for Students

During last year’s run-up to another failed parent trigger bid, House sponsor Rep. Carlos Trujillo attempted to marginalize PTA opponents of his bill as “there to bake cookies.”Trujillo’s problem – and that of shaky voucher administrator Step Up for Students – is that members of the Florida PTA show up at hearings to oppose their legislation.


WFSUWFSU:  Can Fla. Lawmakers Reach Pension Reform Compromise Before Session Ends?

A Senate proposal to overhaul the Florida Retirement System could have its first official committee hearing later this week. But, The recently scaled-back proposal—already starting to move in the House—could still be in trouble in the Senate.


Tampa_Bay_TimesTampa Bay Times: Capitol Buzz: 5 things to watch today in Tallahassee

Today marks the 36th day of the 60-day legislative session, so the Capitol’s clock is starting to become a factor. Here are five things to watch:


Miami_Herald_florida_public_employeesMiami Herald:  Fla lawmakers look to expand, regulate telehealth

MIAMI – The calls may come in the middle of the night and from hospitals more than an hour away. Someone is having a stroke and is en route an emergency room in the Florida Keys, but there aren’t any neurologists on call.

POLITICOPOLITICO: Why Jeb Bush is legit for 2016 — Tech stocks crushed — Fed denies banks reprieve on Volcker — House on jobless bill

Jeb Bush’s recent interviews have reignited speculation that the former Florida governor will seek the GOP nomination in 2016. Bush himself has said only that he will make a call this year but that if he goes, he will go hard. BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith yesterday posted….


Current_florida_public_employeesFlorida Current: Bill to further shrink Citizens clears Senate panel

The Senate Banking and Insurance Committee passed SB 1672 unanimously Monday. The bill would prevent Citizens from covering new multi-peril policies for condo or apartment complexes in its coastal account, set up a new clearinghouse for condominium buildings….


FPE: April 8, 2014 – Legislative Schedule, Florida Senate And House Of Representatives


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