Heartfelt Thanks To Our Esteemed Senator Marco Rubio – From A Fellow Florida Public Employee

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Florida Public Employees

October 15, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio

From Joe Bavlsik:

“I just wanted to take a moment to give my heartfelt thanks to our esteemed Senator Marco Rubio, for casting his vote tonight to continue the Federal government shutdown, and to let the United States go into default by refusing to sanction a federal debt ceiling increase.

What pride I feel in knowing that I am represented in the Senate by a man of principle, refusing to bend any of his ideals, no matter the cost.

Thank you, Senator Rubio, for voting to drag this country into the cesspool of Tea Party ideology that no one is interested in anymore. You are an anachronism of a system of beliefs that serve no one now, and in retrospect never served anyone before. You may have lost this one, Senator Rubio. Continue to bow at the alter of the Tea Party and you expect to lose many more…”



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