Galvano’s Back Channel Amendment Allows Florida Voucher Schools to Dodge Accountability

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By  – Scathing Purple Musings

The only thing that’s missing from Florida’s voucher mouthpieces and the politicians doing their bidding is a Russian accent voiceover:

“Our bouchers kidz take deeffarent tests. Tests just azz good. Same ding.”

And they may just get away with it, too, as a key Democrat, Sen. Bill Montford appears to have signed off on the deal. From the last reliable journalist at Step Up for Students blog, Travis Pillow:

While earlier debates had centered on testing, the new bill would not require students who receive scholarships to take the same tests as public school students. But it would change the way the state handles the students’ test results. State law currently requires scholarship students to take norm-referenced tests. The results are sent to an independent researcher, who is contracted by the state Department of Education to analyze the results and prepare a report each year. The Senate proposal would replace the current researcher, David Figlio of Northwestern University, with the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University. It would also require the institute to report the students’ overall performance instead of their learning gains from one year to the next.

While Figlio could no longer be trusted as an independent researcher,  just selecting what’s essentially a new testing contractor isn’t acceptable to Florida taxpayers who understand you cannot compare voucher students’ Learning System Institute apples to public school student’s American Institute of Research oranges.

Why do voucher proponents insist upon taking different tests?


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