Fund Education Now – Legislative session begins March 4th

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Florida Public Employees

February 14, 2014


By: Kathleen, Fund Education Now

Florida’s 2014 legislative session starts March 4th.  Last year you worked heroically to defeat the Parent Trigger for the second year in a row – something no other state has done.  You also beat the odds and defeated the K-20 Data Warehouse bill that sought to share and sell our children’s personal information.For weeks we’ve monitored the 2014 bills.  The same concerns remain. Bills to further defund our public schools, strip power from our local school boards, expand vouchers and gain greater access to our children’s private information are all coming back.

Parent Trigger taught us that true defeat means waging many battles. When bad ideas keep coming back, we have to keep saying no.  Because of you, Parent Trigger is gone.  We have to do the same with these other issues.

Our mission is to help you stay informed as advocates and ready to take action.  You are giving Florida’s children a powerful voice.  Be proud of that.

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