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March 3, 2014

For the benefit of the legislators who monitor this page, what do want to tell them – before the Session starts tomorrow?
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  • Symantha Smith Juneau LEAVE STATE WORKERS ALONE! We do not make enough money to support the State of Florida and all of the Governor’s rich friends! I will NOT vote for anyone in my district that has decided to balance the budget on the backs of state workers! Find some other way…we’ve had enough of your politics!
  • Joe Bavlsik The election is this November, and PEs already have a long list of grievances with the way we’ve been devalued by your actions. STOP screwing with the FRS, we’re NOT stupid and we KNOW that it doesn’t need your “help” to maintain itself. Stop being c…See More
  • Sean Gowan Honor your obligations. When we signed on to work for less money than the private sector, we were told things such as fully funded retirement was a benefit to help close the gap. It was written into the State Constitution as such. You already made the DROP program unattractive isn’t that enough?
  • Janet Rossy Quinn Leave the FRS alone. You are dealing with people’s lives, not just numbers on a piece of paper. The FRS is not in the danger people are made to believe.
  • Jake Saur Leave FRS alone!
  • Pepper Scott Sr. that how they treat an support their Public & State employees is a damn shame. a ratio of nearly 200 inmates to one lone correctional officer. is not very safety minded.
  • Sharon Flannagin Heath Leave state, county and city government employees the hell alone. We gave 33 + years of dedicated service and our pension is 48% a month. And we pay full cost for health insurance which is almost 1/2 my monthly pension for me and my husband.
  • Bert Gamin the FRS is not broken…. and it most certainly is not a “ticking time bomb” as are soon to be ex-governor states….
  • Tommy R. Price Wildland fire response. Stop dispatching 1 man crews alone.
  • Terri LC Stop stealing Floridians’ money and taking their rights away!
  • Buster Knuckles you are now dealing with an ORGANIZED voting block who is eyeballing you. now sing along – which side are you on boys, which side are you on ?
  • Michelle Asselin I can tell you due to the lack of pay, the lack of any sort of definable raise, and lack of man power that where I work we are having a mass exodus. Those of us still holding on are either due for retirement or looking for the right job to come open somewhere else. The last 3 years under Rick Scott and his administration has been nothing short of torture! I did not vote for him and rest assured that I will make clear to anyone who will listen to me that he and his cronies should not only be voted out but given a swift kick in the rear on the way out of the door and a loud “and stay the Hell out!!!”
  • Roger Pyle Jr Thank you for the pay raise last year,… may I have another…  … and I like living in a state that you can stand your ground…
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  • Francine JE Remember who you work for…..We the People!
  • Paige Campbell Stop meddling with the pension. Just stop. I vote my pocketbook.
  • Lanny Rice Joe, and Symantha said it!!’
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  • Brian Paone Teachers who were left out of the raises should be made whole. 

    The legislation was flawed in that the provision language was left to the individual counties, and many people were left out due to Catch-22 situations of timing or role even though these people performed highly effective jobs.

    If you need a specific example, PM me.
  • Alisa Persons-Peterson Don’t be afraid to stand up to the gun lobby. Many tourists are influenced by the high-profile shootings and don’t want to visit a SYG state.
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