FREE Membership Program Coming Soon – Status Update

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June 30, 2013



FREE Florida Public Employees Partnership membership program coming soon. Participation will provide Public Employee members discounts on resources, goods, and services. Proud to announce ongoing negotiations with insurance providers, financial consultants, pharmaceuticals, and other private stakeholders are yielding favorable results.

We expect to roll out our membership card program in September 2013.

In the interest of full disclosure we are doing this to:

– Do right by Public Employees,

– Provide cost savings to Public Employees, their families, and our supporters,

– Generate the revenue needed to grow Florida Public Employees Partnership and pay for the services needed to further meet our organizationals mission.

Florida Public Employees Partnership is not about politics or political affiliation.  As a grassroots non-partisan political organization we are about serving the interests of Public Employees, Florida, and all working class families.

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