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For Immediate Release

April 2, 2013

By: Elaine De Valle


Florida Public Employees President Robert Asencio travelled to Tallahassee Tuesday to meet with legislators and union leaders on a number of important issues before the legislature, including pension reform and the exclusion of probation and corrections officers in a state compensation bill.

“As our elected leaders take on these important matters, it is critical that they know how their decisions can impact public employees for years and maybe decades to come,” Asencio said.

“That’s where we come in. Up to now, nobody has essentially spoken on behalf of public employees across the state. We don’t have all the same issues, but we are impacted  by the same laws,” Asencio said.

Florida Public Employees is a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of more than 1.2 million federal, state and municipal employees across the Sunshine State. It is the only organization that effectively promotes, protects and advances the agenda of public employees collectively.

“We are beginning to have an impact on our leaders. They know we are here and now they know that we are stakeholders in this process,” Asencio said.

He will be meeting with state representatives and senators from South and Central Florida and leaders of the Teamsters state organization to collaborate on ways to bring the messages of public employees to the state capitol.

For more information, or to arrange an interview, call Robert Asencio at 305-335-7759

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