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Chuck Canterbury, FOP National President


While the results are still being calculated in Ohio, The Associated Press has called the election and it appears that the Brothers and Sisters of Ohio and their coalition partners have defeated Issue 2 and SB 5 will be overturned by the people.

Words cannot express the pride I have in our Brothers and Sisters in Ohio for all of their dedicated work. President McDonald has done a masterful job on their behalf and I want to congratulate him and the entire FOP Team for this victory.

The We Are Ohio group is to be commended for staying on message and getting out the facts. We may have been outspent by our opponents but I for one knew they could never outwork us.

The National FOP Executive Board made bold steps and I want to thank them for their support of this issue. Their support of our financial assistance and their willingness to go to Ohio and work was very well received by our membership.

As I write the results are still coming in and it looks like we could come out with a 20 point victory or higher and this should be a message that the American Public supports the middle class and that they believe in our right to bargain with our employers.

I have just talked to Jay McDonald and offered him our hearty congratulations and commended him on a job well done.

There were many of you that helped in this effort and I am sure we will discuss this more fully at the March Board meeting but please take time to send Jay a message of congratulations.

I want to thank the staff of the National Labor Services Office for all of their help and commend them on a job well done. Their technical assistance and guidance has been beyond reproach. Many of them in our Ohio office donated time to the campaign and even had their family members out working phone rooms, doing canvas work and passing out literature.   A job well done.

Again, this is a huge victory for organized labor and more especially public employees everywhere should feel vindicated by this huge victory.

I just received a call from Vice President Biden who called to congratulate the FOP for a job well done in Ohio. He expressed his congratulations and his adulation of our organization and what we do for our members.

He expressed that he hoped this vote would show our opponents in Congress that the American Public Supports us and that they should move the COPS monies forward, he vowed that they will continue to look for ways to fund these programs.

He offered a special thanks for standing up for our Brothers and Sisters and he vowed to continue to support our efforts in Congress.

Chuck Canterbury

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