Florida Public Employees Partnership PR Campaign Targets 2012 Elections

New PAC launches multimedia effort to unite Florida’s public and private sector workers in having major impact on the Sunshine State’s legislative agenda, economic policies, and 2012 election results.

PRLog (Press Release)Feb 08, 2012
Today, at exactly the midway point of the 2012 Florida state legislative session, Florida Public Employees Partnership (Florida PEP) launches an ambitious new multimedia PR campaign, under the umbrella theme of “Florida PEP: We Are You”.

A new 5-minute video – viewable at bottom of the page – released today will be used as part of Florida PEP informational meetings and presentations to be held statewide in the months leading up to the November, 2012 election. It will also be distributed online by Florida PEP and partnering organizations through a variety of interconnecting social networks.

Future videos, pod casts, educational materials and training programs will primarily be subject-specific, tackling issues like Privatization of the Public Sector, and Pension Reform.

Florida PEP is a uniquely grassroots, nonpartisan coalition of union and non-union workers; Republicans, Democrats and Independents, all of whom have suffered in some way from cuts to public education, hospitals, police and fire departments, libraries, parks & recreation, children’s/senior citizen/disabled services, and more – while many of their elected officials wave off billions of dollars in potential tax revenues by green-lighting tax loopholes, offshore tax havens, tax rate reductions and “incentives” for giant, hugely profitable corporations.

As a 527 Political Action Committee, Florida PEP will be seeking donations not only in Florida, but nationwide, from people who understand the pivotal role Florida will play in the ongoing battle between Public Sector Protectors who want to make government work better, and Public Sector Defectors –  elected officials who want to turn critical government functions over to private, profit-driven corporations, with little regulatory oversight.

To quote Florida PEP founder and president, Robert Asencio:

“We’re different, because we’re there to protect the public sector, government services, the quality of life for all Floridians. We’re different, because we’re a coalition of unity. We’re not about union vs. non-union, we’re not about one socioeconomic class vs. another, we’re not about partisan political bickering. We’re about finding common ground. We’re about understanding our shared best interests, as working people. And we’re about pursuing joint political action that holds our elected officials accountable for putting those interests first and foremost, at all times”

All who join Florida PEP and make a donation at any level will be “deputized” as Public Sector Protectors, and will receive a special gift branding them as such.

In addition to its ongoing educational, outreach and multimedia PR efforts, Florida PEP will seek to influence millions of voters in the 2012 elections – using a dedicated fundraising campaign to finance production of a series of targeted, issues-focused 30/60-second paid political advertisements, for airing on Broadcast/Cable TV and radio stations in key legislative districts and races statewide.

All candidates for the State Senate and House of Representatives will be given a basic, non-partisan “Public Sector Protector Platform”, built with grassroots, membership-driven input, grounded in principles of Economic Fairness, Professional Ethics and Political Compromise. Candidates will all be asked to endorse the platform; in essence being asked the same, simple  question:

Are You A Public Sector Protector, Or A Public Sector Defector?

Stay tuned for exciting news on the Florida PEP WAY PR campaign, and the Public Sector Protector campaign.






About Florida PEP

Florida Public Employees Partnership is a nonprofit grassroots political action organization dedicated to improving and protecting the quality of life for working families and struggling citizens all across the Sunshine State. Founded and led by veteran Miami police officer Robert Asencio, in collaboration with a diverse group of fellow long-time public servants, Florida PEP’s mission is to strengthen and protect the essential government programs, workers and services that all Floridians depend on in one way or another – rather than cutting and privatizing them.

Dan Tilson
Communications Director
Florida Public Employees Partnership




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