FREE Event: Florida Public Employees Partnership & FIU Labor Center Sponsor “Workers Unite Film Festival” in South Florida

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Florida Public Employees Partnership & FIU Labor Center Sponsor “Workers Unite Film Festival” Free Events in South Florida

May 10, 2013 – FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. — In association with the Workers Unite Film Festival taking place in NYC May 10-17, Florida Public Employees Partnership (FPEP) and the FIU Center For Labor Studies are sponsoring two free-to-the-public special events on May 14th (Doors open 6:30PM) at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale, and May 15th (4:30PM “Early Bird” program, 6:30PM main program) at the Hagen Ranch Road Public Library in Delray Beach.

The diverse lineup of films highlight the struggles of workers and labor unions to get a fair shake out of economic and political systems that all too often seem rigged to reward the 1%; while working poor and middle class families in the 99% are left twisting in the damaging winds of chronic unemployment, wage stagnation, benefit retrenchment, and more.

From multiple award-winning feature “Brothers On The Line”, narrated by Martin Sheen and telling the gripping story of the Reuther brothers who built the United Auto Workers union and changed the face of America in the process; to “Set For Life”, critically acclaimed new feature about three Baby Boomers who thought they were “set for life”, until The Great Recession came along; to darkly hilarious “Tax The Rich”, an animated short narrated by Ed Asner; these and the other films being screened are sure to enlighten, entertain and provoke discussion.

A special sneak preview of the new documentary being produced by FPEP, “Fighting For Florida: Public Sector Protectors vs. Defectors”, will be among the shorts shown these at these two very special events, with FPEP President Robert Asencio as special guest on hand to introduce the preview at the Tuesday, May 14th screening at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale.

Planning begins later this spring for next winter’s First Annual Workers Unite Film Festival Southeast (WUFFS), to be held at venues across South Florida. In addition to FPEP and the FIU Labor Center, a number of other leading labor and public advocacy organizations will join in on the effort, and will be invited to select representative members to join the festival advisory board.

FPEP President Asencio says this about festival sponsorship: “FPEP is proud to support a Florida film festival whose time has really come, and in fact is long overdue. In this “right to work” state of ours, we at FPEP understand that first and foremost, we have to fight and win the messaging, communications and public relations battles to gain broad public support. This festival can be an important part of that effort in years to come, and we hope other labor groups, unions and advocacy organizations will join FPEP and FIU Labor Center in supporting it.

Daniel Tilson, FPEP Communications Director and WUFFS Director, adds: “One of the primary long-term goals of the festival is to get young Floridians particularly involved, through special student filmmaker events, awards and linkages between film students, local unions and other labor organizations in their area. If we can get young people involved in understanding and telling the stories of workers’ struggles, we can start winning over hearts and minds of future generations of Floridians.


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