Florida Public Employees News Links February 22, 2014

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Florida Public Employees

February 22, 2014

Pinellas_County_JailTampa Bay Times: Pinellas Sheriff ousts jail official after learning of problems in Hillsborough

“Hays’ 2012 ejection from the Hillsborough jail was the final indignity in a tragic chain of events that ultimately forced Armor and the sheriff to pay $1 million in wrongful-death claims and subjected the company’s employees to an investigation by state regulators.”

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Florida_LegislatureFlagler Live.com: Memo to Florida Legislature: Quit Bashing Public-Employee Pensions

“Just like last year, House Speaker Will Weatherford and Senate President Don Gaetz are leading the Republican charge to put future public employees’ pensions and Florida’s economic stability at serious, undue risk.”

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WFTV.com: Firefighters give new bike to Palm Bay boy

“The Palm Bay firefighters who saved a 13-year-old Palm Bay boy after was struck by a car gave him a special gift on Thursday.”

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Sunshine State News: Anti-Koch Billionaire Tom Steyer Wants Rick Scott Out

“Enter, another major player in the 2014 Florida gubernatorial race — California hedge-fund billionaire Tom Steyer, committed soldier in the political war against climate change and apparently Rick Scott.”

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Sunshine State News: Weekly Roundup: Home Stretch of Pre-Session Meetings

… “the prospect of overhauling the state’s retirement plan seemed to settle into its usual Senate neighborhood among the bills which have longer odds of passing.”

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TwinCities.com: Is the US Better off without unions? Not exactly.

… “Unions have two roles to play in the American economy: They balance power between employer and workers, and the provide a voice for workers that management can hear.

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