Florida Public Employees Begin To Draw The Line Against Continued Attacks And Place Legislators On Notice: One Such Letter

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Senator Anitere Flores – Drawing the line

January 23, 2013

By: Millie Ruiz – School Teacher and fellow Florida Public Employee

The following is a letter I sent to both Florida Senator Anitere Flores and Florida Representative Frank Artiles who are up for reelection in 2014:

Florida State Senator Flores,

With the recent decision of the Florida Supreme Court to up hold the mandatory 3% contribution to FRS, and the introduction of the teacher merit pay/evaluation bill, I must state my displeasure and disappointment that you have failed to look out for the best interest do the Public workers which you represent.

Please be reminded that you have been elected to serve the people which you represent and it is not the people who are to serve you. I, along with my fellow Public Employees are watching. We are keeping track of our legislators, the bills they introduce and the votes they cast for or against bills. If you continue to support legislation which is detrimental to the livelihood of this large political sector of constituents, you can be assured that you no longer will be allowed the honor of representing us in your future political endeavors.

The days of narrow focused campaigning is over. We are not Hispanics, African Americans, women, or any other “minority group”. We are Public Employees: Police Officers, Fire Fighters, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers, and other government workers that keep the infrastructure of our cities functioning. We are Public Employees, we are unite, we are watching and we will remember.

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One thought on “Florida Public Employees Begin To Draw The Line Against Continued Attacks And Place Legislators On Notice: One Such Letter

  1. Each and every State, County, City employee has been ridiculed, putdown, hurt in every aspect of this situation. I agree, some teachers deserve a raise. Big Bro Gov Scott doesn’t know which way to go except to continue the path of hurting us. 1st year in office he cut school budget, 2nd year he put $$ in school budget, 3rd year he’s proposing teachers a raise! How much $$ do we, should we continue to expect to lose on his behalf and the other legislature, justices jerks. Let them stepdown to our pay level and try to continue to survive. They probably don’t notice their 3% missing!!!!! They continue to compare us to private sector, now they’ve taken away the benefit that compensated the lower payrate. Does this mean, each employee will get a whopping raise to compensate the change?

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