“Save Jackson & Florida’s Public Hospital System”

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Florida Public Employees Partnership seeks support for workers in Miami’s embattled Jackson Health System – part of FPEP’s educational campaign highlighting battles between Public Sector Protectors, and Public Sector Defectors.

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Mar 06, 2012 –

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGTCt8I52HE

In support of maintaining a strong public hospital and health care “safety net” system in the Sunshine State, where millions still suffer so badly from unemployment, poverty, foreclosure, and lack of health insurance, Florida Public Employees Partnership has released a new video and issued an online action alert to its members – and to all Floridians of good conscience.

All are urged to deliver the message to “Save Jackson”, to the Miami County Commissioners who may now hold the fate of over a thousand workers in their hands. Floridians are also urged to contact their state legislators and Governor Scott, demanding a fair budget that raises needed revenues by closing corporate tax loopholes, rather than by cutting billions from the Medicaid health care funding that the state’s already reeling public hospitals depend so heavily on.

Some believe that there is a “conspiracy” between giant for-profit corporations and legislators with close ties to them, to steadily weaken our core public sector systems – from health care and education to prisons, and more – in order to make a more convincing argument for corporate privatization of those systems.

Florida PEP believes that one good way to prove any such conspiracy theory wrong is for our elected officials take a clear stand at times like these, demonstrating that they know the difference between being a Public Sector Protector, vs. a Public Sector Defector.

But rather than waiting for that, Florida PEP will be using legislator ratings, online educational programs, TV advertising and community outreach to help the state’s million-plus public employees and the general public tell the difference for themselves – and make knowledge-based voting decisions in the 2012 elections.



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