Florida PEP Pushback Against GOP Prison Privatization Plan

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Privatization of Prisons

February 14, 2012
Florida Public Employees Partnership releases special video appeal from wife/mother/veteran corrections officer, as part of final push to defeat SB 2038, the Republican Party of Florida’s controversial prison privatization bill.


PRLog (Press Release)Feb 14, 2012
On Valentine’s Day, Florida PEP urges all Floridians to show some love for public safety, public employees, and dozens of communities statewide whose local economies revolve around publicly run prisons – now in danger of being privatized by Senate Bill 2038.

With a vote on the bill looming this afternoon, the Florida PEP Action Alert is simple (and accompanied by a moving new video message, below):

Call the State Senate and and say: “VOTE NO ON SB 2038 – OR ELSE!”

Florida Public Employees Partnership, which represents the legislative and economic interests of over a million FL public employees, their family members, friends, neighbors, and millions of their private sector, middle class counterparts – is one of a wide variety of organizations in opposition to SB 2038.

From the Tea Party to the NAACP, a diverse chorus of dissent has been voiced over this legislation that threatens the public safety and economic viability of communities all across the state – all in the name of diverting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to private, for-profit companies – that just happen to have donated millions in recent years to many of the principal political figures involved in advancing the legislation.

Even staunch opposition from leaders within their own party has failed to slow down the push by Governor Rick Scott and Senate President Mike Haridopolos to win passage of what so many agree would be “lose-lose” legislation.

That’s why Florida PEP is issuing today’s urgent, immediate Action Alert::

CALL 877-274-0951 and tell the Florida State Senate: “VOTE NO ON SB 2038, OR ELSE!”

About Florida PEP:

Florida Public Employees Partnership is a nonprofit grassroots political action organization dedicated to improving and protecting the quality of life for working families and struggling citizens all across the Sunshine State. Founded and led by veteran Miami police officer Robert Asencio, in collaboration with a diverse group of fellow long-time public servants, Florida PEP’s mission is to strengthen and protect the essential government programs, workers and services that all Floridians depend on in one way or another – rather than cutting and privatizing them.



Dan Tilson
Communications Director
Florida Public Employees Partnership

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