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Please stop the hypocrisy and conveyance of misinformation attacking working class Floridians.

Like so many being hurt, Florida’s Public Employees are working class people. We have not caused Florida’s economic hardships. We have no power over legislation that favored private interests. We are not the ones who have favored the Big corporations, instrumental in the crumbling of our economy.  Rather we, our families and communities are the ones who have been hurt by private interests.

It is unacceptable to use misinformation to cast blame on the benefits and pensions of all Public Employees as the cause of economic hardships. The lavish benefits of a few is not representative of all Public Employees and should never be used to justify your coordinated attacks to divide organized labor. Do not discredit the honor and service of Public Employees.  As Public Employees, we should never be forced to apologize for serving the public and opting for careers that offered stability, benefits, and pensions in lieu of private sector jobs with higher wages.

It was not Public Employees or working class citizens who violated trust by misleading the public and engaging in financial irregularities that have subsequently caused the current economic crisis.  Reality being, these actions combined with self-serving legislation have been the main contributors of our current economic state of affairs.

I repeat, it is unacceptable to use misinformation or the threat of eliminating public sector jobs and services for political gain. I urge you all to take corrective action in acknowledging your culpability as the governing body, quit diverting blame, and focus on working together to legislate on long term solutions in the interests of all. Come up with quick solutions that will strengthen government infrastructure, enable true jobs creation, generate revenue, and stimulate our economy.

If nothing more, take note from history for “We the People” will only endure so much before we unite to take action, as being played out by the growing “Occupy Wall Street – 99%” National movement.

Honor the principles for which our system was founded on – a government for the people by the people and accountable to no other than the people. Put your personal interests aside and work with us to get Florida back on track. Tax paying Public Employees are not the enemy. Public Employees are family members, neighbors, community leaders, business owners, and in unity represent an overwhelming voting force.

Robert Asencio, President
Florida Public Employees
247 SW 8th Street, #198
Miami, Florida 33130


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