Florida Charter School Scheme Unmasked in Standard Contract Bid

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March 28, 2014

By  – Scathing Purple Musings

Rep. Manny Diaz (R-Miami) went first in the House Education Committee yesterday and announced a “postponement” of HB 7083. Among other things, Diaz bill provided for standard charter school contracts, the mandatory sharing of public school buildings and would further ease restrictions for so-called “high-performing charter schools.”

What happened?

Miami Herald reporter Kathleen McGrory may have the explanation:

On Monday, the Senate Education Committee gutted the proposal aimed at creating a more favorable environment for new charter schools. Days earlier, Sen. Bill Galvano withdrew his bill to expand the school voucher program.

Senate Education Committee chairman John Legg said the upper chamber is not opposed to school choice. But he and other senators want to take a “rational approach to education policy,” he said.

The charter school proposal, for instance, was “an overreach,” he said.

“It is not something that all charter schools want,” Legg said of a provision requiring school districts and charter schools to use a standardized contract.

What? All charter schools didn’t want a standard contract? Legg would be an authority on the topic as he is a founder of what’s been considered to be a very good charter school in Pasco County. But then again, the establishment of Legg’s Daysprings Academy is much closer to  what the original intention of charter schools were to be in the first place. It’s the metaphorical “mom and pop,” and not the big corporate charter school chain for which Diaz is employed.

Legg’s smackdown of Diaz’ bill is clear evidence that the big charter chains like the one Diaz works for in Academica and Charter Schools USA were the one’s who wanted standard contracts. Not those like the one Legg started.

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