First The FRS…Next The Middle Class!

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FRS workers is just the beginning of Rick Scott’s madness, his plan is to ultimately destroy the middle class!  If there was ever a time for us to huddle together (To use a sports metaphor), it is now during the time of Rick Scott’s early commencement in service. We allowed this man to win by 60,000 votes and now we must all tackle the consequences of our mistake.

A few years back when confronted with problems we were able to resolve everything by saying, “When I retire I’ll move somewhere else. Not in this situation because what allowed us to move somewhere else was the fact that we counted with the pension that was promised to us when we were hired. Most of us took the job because of the pension, not the salary. Scott however is trying to cut that pension in half, take away the health Insurance Subsidy that in most cases is about $125.00 a month, and take away the 3% cost of living retirees get July of each year.

Now is not the time to cave in, it is the time to fight the fight, not later, now. You see Rick Scott does not care about Floridians, only about his super rich buddies who he plans to benefit with our solid Florida Retirement System when he converts the funds of the FRS into a 401-k managed from Wall Street by his associates.  It is time to huddle my FRS brothers and sisters and prepare for serious attacks from this man and his legislators in Tallahassee. Don’t see this as an attack on teachers, or police officers, bus drivers, this is an attack on the middle class, on all of us. All extremist attack the middle class, from Iran, Cuba, Cambodia under Pol Pot, and many other cases worldwide. The idea is to keep us financially broke, consuming every penny we make, not saving a dime, without health care, and working till we die.

We have a right to the American dream, we work for it and we are, “We the People” as established in the constitution. Rick Scott has no right to crush our retirement system. Let’s fight the fight and starting now let’s flood the mail boxes, e-mails, and answering services of all and every one of our state legislators. We need to rent buses and take our FRS brothers and sisters to Tallahassee to protest in front of the legislature, signs, t-shirts and all. And for those in our communities that feel it’s OK to slash our pensions don’t think for a second that Rick Scott won’t get to you. If you are part of the middle class expect an attack on you soon, because without attacking and taking from you Scott will not be able to give to his super rich friends. My fellow Floridians who are not part of FRS, remember what a German protestant pastor named Martin Niemoller while locked up in a concentration camp in Germany said:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

Rafael Gomez  – FRS member Miami, Florida

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4 thoughts on “First The FRS…Next The Middle Class!

  1. Thanks, from the bottom of all of the public employees all over the world! May all of you prevail!

  2. Well said!!!! Floridians need to understand that Rick Scott and many of the other TOP PAID PUBLIC EMPLOYEES were only elected by the slimmest of margins. That my friends does not give them a mandate. We the PUBLIC EMPLOYEES did not create the mess we are in.

    Wall Street fraud and government incompetence created this disaster…but yet they and the back stabbing politicians have skillfully thwarted the attention away from them. BIG BUSINESS received $2.5 trillion to bail them out with the sole purpose to create jobs. But that’s not what they did. Instead they took OUR money and stuffed their pockets. Wall Street continues to pay out outrageous bonuses and huge salaries and live in the lap of luxury while many of our fellow Floridians struggle to make ends meet. WE THE PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO STEP UP THE PLATE AND LET THEM KNOW THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. They work for US!!!!!!!!

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