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Deputy Christopher Schaub – RIP

Octobert 3, 2012

By: A fellow Deputy who expresses his discontent with Rick Scott’s appearance and comments during the funeral service of BSO Deputy Christopher Schaub.

By: Sickend Police Officer

The only low point of this ceremony, was the (who invited him?) politically motivated photo op by Governor Rick Scott and his talking about how he has attended the funerals of 14 other law enforcement officers since his First term in office.  He spoke to the crowd as if he actually understood the risks law enforcement takes, yet out the other side of his mouth, he decreased the life expectancy of new hirees (both police and firefighters), by extending their required time in service to age 60 or 30 years. The Governor is clueless, as to the many different exposures to hostile enviornments (not just the risk of being shot by the bad guy) where repeated exposure over the years (unknown toxic hazards, car crashes, going into undermanned, stressful scenarios, etc.) makes even the most physically fit, degrade in thier level of health sooner than other professions.  Our Country’s Government knows this all too well since it’s inception of it’s military, where the minimal term of service is 20 years for retirement.  As well, Veterans who only served One tour during a time of combat, are assured to be cared for their line of duty injuries and illnesses for life.It greatly saddens me to see in every news article covering Deputy Schaub’s funeral, where in the First paragraph they also mention “Governor Rick Scott”. This is what he (the Gov.) wanted more than his concern for Deputy Schuab’s tragedy, seeing his name plastered on every news article as if he actually cares for the risks public safety personnel take every day.  Pay close attention to how the Governor dissmenates this information in the coming year for political gain, at the expense of those who lost thier lives in the line of duty, which he now wants exposed to these dangers an additional 5 years longer (10 years longer than most states and municipalities) than they should.

Sun Sentinel story: “Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Schaub laid to rest”

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