February 23, 2014


Florida Public Employees

February 23, 2014

Weatherford_Gatez_Florida_Public_EmployeesTallahassee.com: Florida Retirement System in flux

“Weatherford said major changes to the retirement system are needed.

‘We could hire 10,000 teachers — new teachers — for the amount of money we’re having to dump into our unfunded liability in our pension fund,’ he said. ‘We shouldn’t have to take money away from our kids and away from our health-care system to fund an unfunded liability.”

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Brevard_Deputy_Killer's_Trial_Florida_Public_EmployeeesFloridaToday.com: Accused Brevard deputy killer on trial for his life

“Brandon Bradley’s first-degree murder trial, which starts Monday with jury selection, is likely to bring some closure to a case that shocked the county. Jack Parker, who was sheriff at the time,”…

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Florida_Public_Employees_Heroes_of_The_WeekFirst Coast News: Florida baby in stable condition after CPR rescue

“A South Florida infant whose aunt used CPR to help save him on a busy South Florida’s highway is in stable condition and smiling. ”


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5_JobsFoxNews: The 5 jobs most likely to make you sick

Firefighters: “Trauma and smoke inhalation must be the most serious threats, right? Nope:”…

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Detroit_Bankruptcy_Florida_Public_EmployeesNewsChief.com:  Detroit’s Bankruptcy Proposal Includes Deep Cuts to Pensions

“Detroit’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy this year largely hinges on significant cuts to city workers’ pensions and retiree health benefits — actions vehemently fought by public employee unions — as well as decreased payments to bondholders, according to a blueprint filed Friday to restructure the city’s $18 billion debt.”

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Rick_ScottMiami Herald: Florida Gov. Rick Scott plays it safe in an election year

“As Scott begins his fourth year as chief executive, his agenda in the Legislature is again modest, anchored by a couple of tightly focused, feel-good priorities: cutting fees and taxes by $500 million and increasing public school spending by $542 million.”

NewsChief.com: Haines City Commissioners Approve Multiple Contracts, Addresses Issues With Fire Assessment
“City commissioners in Haines City have approved a union labor contract as well as contracts with the Polk County Tax Collector and Property Appraiser offices.”


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