Facts About The Parent Trigger Bill Shared By A Dissatisfied Taxpayer Who Is Also A Voter And Public Employee

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March 25, 2013

The following was posted on the Florida Public Employees Facebook page.

By: Mike Putkowskiposted to

The Parent Trigger Bill will force Florida parents and local school boards lose control over the schools you and your neighbors send your kids to every day.  (As), These schools would be able to choose which students they accept.

That’s why our members in Florida have stood up to say no.  Last year, the Parent Trigger Bill stalled on a razor thin 20-20 vote in the Florida state senate. It stalled because not one parent group supported it. Not one PTA group.  Not one Democratic member of the legislature. Republicans split their votes because there was so much outcry from the community, but now it’s back.

We need to keep the pressure up. Help us keep public education out of the hands of profiteers.

When teachers and parents work together we take valuable steps towards ensuring students get the best possible education.  We can’t fix chronically underfunded schools by shifting resources away from the classroom. Rather than succumbing to a corporate bottom line, we should be investing in smaller classroom sizes and incentives for good teachers.  The last thing students, teachers and communities need is the uncertainty of whether a neighborhood institution will soon be changed for the financial benefits of a few.  Florida’s children need accountable teachers who can focus on individual student’s needs. Corporate take-overs would do just the opposite.

Please call and E-mail your elected folks in Tallahassee and tell them to vote NO on this bill….

Thank You Michael !!!!

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