Dr. James Bush III Accepts Nomination To Become UTD President

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Dr. James Bush, III



United Teachers of Dade President

December 22, 2012

Hello UTD Members, Stewards, Family and Friends:

It is with humility I accept the nomination as a candidate for the Presidency of the United Teacher of Dade. While it may be a surprise to some, I am sure that it will not be to the countless number of members I have served with over the past 30 years as a UTD Building Steward, Florida State Legislator, teacher, and teacher advocate fighting for pay raises and rights for teachers, affordable medical care and insurance coverage as well as livable retirement options.

Two fellow longtime teachers; who have been active in the union Geno Perez and Wendi Werther, have joined forces with me to run in a caucus we call “No Teacher Left Behind.” Wendi, Geno and I share a passion for teaching and teachers. We know that the backbone of our union is our membership and that the organization’s main goal is to represent teachers. We see a better future for UTD with more transparency, representation, growth, political influence and national participation. We aim to make UTD the national jewel it once was and bring pride back to its membership.

Under the “No Teacher Left Behind” Leadership Caucus we will create an open door policy where all ideas and participation will be welcome. Among our first orders of business will be an executive action to conduct a full audit of UTD funds to make sure that all of your hard earned dollars are being well spent in the best interest of the teachers. As we develop the leadership team our common goal will be to ensure that UTD leadership reflects the make-up of our membership.

I hope to earn your support during the next two months as we share our campaign ideas with you and provide you with all the reasons why this caucus is the best choice to lead UTD into the future. Please feel free to share your ideas, questions and concerns with us at www.noteacherleftbehind2013.com. If you would like to be a volunteer caucus team member at your school, sign up under the volunteer tab on the website.

Change is coming one way or another. You have a real opportunity to make that change count and work for you. Vote February 19, 2013 for the “No Teacher Left Behind” Caucus members and let your voice be heard. We are counting on you so that you can count on us!


Dr. James Bush III


President of the United Teachers of Dade


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2 thoughts on “Dr. James Bush III Accepts Nomination To Become UTD President

  1. Dear Editor:

    I take exception in the caption, “Dr. James Bush III Accepts Nomination to Become UTD President” as well as the contents of the article which he or his supporters submitted because it contains inaccuracies.

    There is nothing that shows “…humility” in James Bush’s proclamation “to accept the nomination as candidate for the Presidency of the United Teachers of Dade”.  The caption should have stated “Dr. James Bush III SEEKS to Become UTD’s President” instead.  This caption would be more accurate, because James Bush had to ask ten (10) members of UTD to sign his paperwork demonstrating his willingness to be a candidate in the February 19, 2013, UTD Election.  The question should have been how well did the members who signed his candidacy paperwork really know James Bush?  Had those signatories known James Bush’s voting record while he was in Tallahassee, and how favorable his record was to teachers?  Did James Bush take a stand like Rep. Kendrick Meeks, or Rep. Fredricka Wilson?

    The “fellow longstanding teachers”… Geno Perez and Wendi Werther who “have joined forces with” him “to run in a caucus we call No Teacher Left Behind” should be asked if they had taught for Miami-Dade County Public Schools and have been members of UTD for each more than twenty (20) years?  That would definitely have qualified them to be considered long standing teachers of veteran educators.  

    There is a definite credibility questions associated with their published statements.  Therefore, if there is deception, in such a significant written statement by these candidates members should view with great skepticism everything that they will say henceforth.  Change is necessary, but members of the United Teachers of Dade should back change that is creditable!


    Concerned Members of UTD 

  2. Reply to previous comment:

    Is Kendrick Meek or Fredricka Wilson running to UTD Office? If not, then why would their voting record matter? Dr. Bush has been a teacher and union member for many years. The UTD election rules do not state that a candidate must have (20) years teaching experience. If that were the case then Karen Aronowitz and Mr. Fed Ingram would not have qualified based on the fact that neither were in the classroom more than 7 years. It is a fact that Wendi Werther has been teaching for more than (20) years and is a veteran educator. Mr. Geno Perez does not claim in any publication that he has been teaching for (20) years. However, Mr. Perez has been a public servant for (30) years, including the United States Marine Corps, and the Department Justice.

    This is a very creditable slate to lead UTD.

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