Donate to F.P.E.P. and Help Us Protect Your Interest

Do you agree something has to be done about Florida elected officials who serve the special interests of big corporations and wealthy campaign donors, rather than the best interests of the general public? If you do, then we urge you to join and donate to FPEP, the Florida Public Employees Partnership, a new grassroots movement dedicated to changing the downward spiral our state is in and making the positive changes we need to turn things around.

If the 2011 Florida legislative session taught us anything, it’s that Public Employees and the vital services they provide are targeted for attack – degrading the quality of life for all working and middle class Floridians who depend on public schools, police, firefighters, libraries, parks, after-school and senior citizen programs, and a host of other public sector services. Worse still, the politicians and officials responsible for this dangerous trend, they’re not anywhere near done yet. The 2012 legislative session starts January 10th, and they’re already laying the groundwork for more cutbacks, more givebacks and more efforts to turn public employees and programs into scapegoats for their own failed policies.

Now is the time to join FPEP in saying Enough is Enough. No more fake solutions to real problems. No more pouring gasoline on the fire. It’s time to Right the Wrong. It’s time for policies and programs that actually meet the needs of working and struggling Floridians. And it’s time for elected officials to be held accountable – or be replaced. But just saying that isn’t enough. We have to walk the walk. For FPEP to be an engine for political action with maximum impact, we need high-octane fuel, in the form of your energy, input, and financial support. Your donations will help us to build a strong organizational structure, establish a Political Action Committee (PAC), and launch the communications and other programs that will allow us to influence the political process.

We encourage you to look at our Mission Statement and organizational goals below. Share your input and expertise. In all of you, FPEP already has invaluable human resources. Now, we need the monetary resources to match. So please, donate whatever you can to the cause, and ask everyone you know in FL to do the same. Working together, “We The People” can change the dangerous direction our ship of state has been steered into. Together, we must.

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