DEMOCRACY? Think About What Has Just Happened In Miami-Dade County

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July 25, 2013

Florida Public Employees


Message from our friends at the Kendall Federation of Homeowners Association

To the 10,001 Miamians and Pets’ Trust Supporters:

The regularly scheduled July 30th meeting for the Board of County Commissioners has been canceled!  Mayor Gimenez sent out a memo seeking seven votes to cancel that meeting, which would have been the last chance to discuss the millage issue.  He did get seven commissioners to agree with him.

Our votes have been dismissed and our voices have been silenced.

I would like you to share this far and wide, and say it over and over…

“Our votes have been dismissed and our voices have been silenced

The “elected” officials that have made this decision … work for us.  They have forgotten.  Please continue to call and REMIND THEM that they work for you.  They work for me.  They work for US.

Commissioner Barreiro, Sosa, Suarez, Bell, Bovo, Zapata and Souto took our voices away and signed the Mayor’s memo.

We won the vote overwhelmingly and they said…  “not enough”.

Then, we spoke about it.  They didn’t listen.

We wanted one more chance.

The door was closed.

That is all I am going to say at the moment.  I want you to think about what has happened.

Think about what America is supposed to be.

Michael Rosenberg

President Pets’ Trust Miami

Make it viral! 

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Carlos A. Gimenez, Office of the Mayor
Mayor’s Personal secretary: 305-375-1880
Alina T. Hudak, Deputy Mayor305 375
– MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, The Board of County Commissioners (BCC), are the people elected in 13 districts to represent you. Because our government is strengthened by civic participation and increased involvement from our citizens.
District 5 – Bruno A. Barreiro305-375-5924305-375-5904 District 8 – Lynda Bell305-375-5218
District 6 – Rebeca Sosa305-375-5696
District 10 – Javier D. Souto305-375-4835
District 7 – Xavier L. Suarez305-669-4003
District 11 – Juan C. Zapata305-375-5511
District 13 – Esteban Bovo, Jr.305-375-4831

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One thought on “DEMOCRACY? Think About What Has Just Happened In Miami-Dade County

  1. Yes, definitely a sad day silencing the voices of democracy, not once but twice. I was there and heard the voices of the pets fall on deaf ears of the Commisioners and the Mayor. Don’t think for one moment that both incidents weren’t orchestrated. I am an animal owner and we too and many members of the firefighters support your cause and agree that the Mayor and the 7-8 members of the Commision have stifled democracy. I guess they forgot who and why they wer elected…

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