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August 27, 2014

The following is an unedited request sent to Charlie Crist by a fellow Public Employee.

By: Charlie “Champ” Sullivan

Charlie Crist I am a public employee and a Department of Corrections officer. There are approximately 22,000 correctional employees. We need you to go to Tallahassee and STOP the assault on our profession.

We need you to end any talk of privatizing the prison system, we need you to to restore funding so that parity of pay amongst law enforcement is achieved. We need you to promise that our way of life and profession is going to be revived.

We are hard working professionals, who are dedicated to public safety.  We manage the nightmares society doesn’t want in their neighborhoods any longer, by providing security, management, and care of these offenders, we offer the opportunity for successful reentry into their communities and provide supervision after a completed sentence, if necessary.  Corrections professionals have been left behind under Governor Scott, used as scapegoats to balance budgets, left out when law enforcement raises were given out, and ignored when budget concerns arose.

With 22,000 employees, family, and friends, you would have a large number of votes towards your goal.  Public Employees across the state need you sir.  We need your support when you become the ‘Peoples Governor”.

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