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Florida Public Employees Daily News Recap




TBOTBO:  Legislature has backlog of bills for Scott
TALLAHASSEE — More than a month after the annual legislative session ended, about two- thirds of the bills passed still haven’t been sent to Gov. Rick Scott’s office.

Florida_Sues_VALedger Enquirer: Florida files suit against VA for hospital access

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. — State officials who have been blocked in their attempts to inspect federal Veterans Affairs hospitals in Florida filed a lawsuit Thursday aimed at giving them such access as they seek to confirm allegations of substandard care.

Florida_Mosquito_VirusMiami Herald: Floridians urged to clean up to prevent new mosquito-borne viruses

Florida public health and mosquito-control experts are calling on homeowners to clean up to prevent the spread of dengue, and of another painful, mosquito-borne virus that is rapidly spreading across the hemisphere.

Florida_Lead_US_InmateMiami Herald: Report: Florida leads U.S. in inmates released without supervision
TALLAHASSEE – Florida leads the nation in the number of inmates who are released from prison with no supervision or support, a new study concludes.




The_LedgerThe Ledger:  Professors: Lakeland City Employee Survey Is Too Vague

LAKELAND | When Lakeland city commissioners on Friday review the results of an employee survey they may not get the insight they hoped for, according to two professors knowledgeable about survey research and methodology who reviewed the survey for The Ledger.


Sun_SentinelSun Sentinel: Florida colleges revise sexual assault policies

Sexual assault tends to be the most under-reported crime, often because victims are “afraid of the system” or think no one will believe them, said Michaela Denny, of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence.


FOX_4News 4: Legislator accused of doing favors for lobbyists

Eagle’s primary challenger – fellow Republican Jim Roach – believes Representative Eagle, who represents the Cape Coral/Pine Island area in the state House,  is wrapped up in a web of campaign donations, part time salaries and legislative bills that scratch the back of the building industry.


Ana_GardinerSun Sentinel: Florida Supreme Court disbars former Broward Judge Ana Gardiner

Ana Gardiner was a judge, so she should have known better than to begin a “personal and emotional relationship” with a prosecutor who was trying a death penalty case in front of her in 2007, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday.


FOX News:  Florida police department that lost gun loses shot at armored vehicle

A police department in Florida that lost an assault rifle given to it through a federal government program will not receive an armored assault vehicle through the same federal government program that gave it the gun.





Seattle_College_ShootingLA Times: Seattle college shooting: Lone gunman kills 1, injures 5, police say

A man in his 20s died and at least three others were hospitalized after a young man opened fire with a shotgun inside a Seattle Pacific University engineering building on Thursday afternoon.


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