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March 30, 2014

Florida Governor Rick Scott Makes Transportation AnnouncementHuffington Post: Rick Scott Dogged By Questions About Campaign Turmoil

A contingent of political reporters converged on Friday’s ceremony — not for the express lanes, a project that started under former Gov. Charlie Crist’s administration and which opened two days earlier to extensive media coverage — but to ask about problems in the campaign.


DROP_Florida_Public_EmployeesNews-Press: News-Press Exclusive: When retirement pays six figures

More than 550 public employees across the state scheduled to start retiring Tuesday, will receive more than $100,000 a year in pension benefits for the rest of their lives. In addition, when they retire they will, over the previous five years, have accrued a cash benefit averaging $609,000 to be distributed as a lump-sum or rolled over into a qualifying retirement plan.


Ledger_Florida_Public_EmployeesThe Ledger.com: Florida Per-Capita Tax Rate Near Lowest in U.S.

They say it will provide needed financial relief to Florida families. But a new report shows that state government taxes are not terribly onerous to start with. In fact, Florida’s per capita taxation rate has fallen to 47th out of the 50 states, according to a new survey.


Ocala.com_florida_pubic_employeesOcala.com: Putnam attempts to get money to fix schools

But he’s served in the Florida and U.S. Houses of Representatives, and as agriculture commissioner, he has demonstrated that — future ambitions aside — he’s at least looking for pragmatic solutions to chronic problems bedeviling Florida.


Palm_Beach_Post_florida_public_EmployeesPalm Beach Post:  Florida woos private flood insurance, but trickle likely

The Florida Senate passed a bill last week that puts the state at the forefront of efforts to encourage private flood insurance, its sponsor says. “It is time for Floridians to control our own destiny and lead the nation with a free-market flood insurance program,”said Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg.


Tampa_Bay_TimesTampa Bay Times: Public and charter schools compete for shrinking building funds

This year, the Senate, House and Gov. Rick Scott all want to split the K-12 portion between charter schools and traditional school districts. It’s a departure from recent years, when only charter schools landed the funds. The wrangling has already begun.


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