Daily News Recap: April 19, 2014

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April 19, 2104


Weekly_RoundUpNorthEastEscambia.com: Florida Gov’t Weekly Roundup: Pondering Where Things Stand

… an issue that affects state employees and other government workers, such as teachers, both chambers appear to be headed toward overhauling the state’s pension system. Broadly, the effort seeks to encourage more workers to join a 401(k)-style investment plan instead of the traditional pension system.


CCI_FDOCNBC 2 News: More coming forward about issues within CCI

Former guards and current union agents claim officers are not at the top of their performance. They claim they are often forced to deal with hundreds of convicted felons on their own – which could eventually explain allegations of a major security break at Charlotte Correctional Institution.

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Woman_Catches_Fire_When_Cell_Phone_ExplodesNY Daily News:  Florida woman catches fire when cellphone explodes in gym

Jackie Marinas was working out at Planet Fitness, in Hialeah, Miami, when the Samsung Galaxy I-9300′s power supply blew up Tuesday night and covered her face and hair with lithium.



Florida Current: Florida adds jobs but unemployment rate increases as more return to workforce

Florida saw an increase of 22,900 jobs in March, but the unemployment rate ticked up 0.1 percent to 6.3 percent, according to numbers released Friday by the Department of Economic Opportunity. The state’s jobless rate remains below the national rate of 6.7 percent and its job growth rate of 3 percent over the year beats the 1.7 percent national rate.


Orlando_SentinelOrlando Sentinel:  Gaetz asks feds to reconsider Florida Medicaid alternative

Florida Senate President Don Gaetz is asking the federal government to reconsider a Florida plan offering subsidized health insurance to the state’s working poor, as an alternative to theMedicaid expansion plan the state turned down last year.


Rick_ScottTampa Bay Times: Immigrant tuition bill reopens rift in Florida Republican Party

Gov. Rick Scott was just about to kick his Hispanic outreach campaign into gear when two top Republicans in the Florida Senate complicated the effort by unexpectedly blocking a priority bill that would give in-state tuition rates to some undocumented immigrants.


Daily_KosDaily Kos: Florida governor Rick Scott: Still feeding at the public trough

Like so many so-called fiscal conservatives, Scott made his millions stuffing his pockets with taxpayer cash.  Now, no longer running a company that can bilk the government, unable to find a way to profit off of a federal expansion of Medicaid as a result of the Affordable Care Act, …


Paula_DockeryFlorida Today: Paula Dockery: Don’t shortchange state’s public schools

 he Florida Senate should continue to insist on accountability before expanding the use of vouchers. Better yet, the Senate should let the voucher expansion bill die and instead focus on arming our teachers with the resources and flexibility they need to help every student achieve their highest level of learning.

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