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florida-public-employees-secrete-technologyTBO:  Secret technology tracks private phones

The secret technology, often called Stingray, tricks mobile phones into communicating with investigators’ equipment.


FLORIDA-public-employees-identity-theftsNaples Daily News: Highway robbery: Gas pump skimmers latest tools of Southwest Florida identity thieves

Carl Thieme pulled up to the Chevron gas pump on Marco Island in late March and filled his tank, just as he had so many times before.


CBS_Florida_Public_EmployeesCBS Miami: Text-To-911 Coming To South Florida

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Using a phone to call 911 is the most efficient way to reach emergency help but what if you can’t talk on your phone? What if you can only text and you need emergency police help?


Tampa_Bay_TimesTampa Bay Times:  Hernando sheriff’s budget increase could mean higher tax rate, official says

BROOKSVILLE — Hernando property owners face a potential tax rate increase in the coming fiscal year to pay for the higher budget being sought by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.


Miami_Herald_florida_public_employeesMiami Herald: Miami-Dade commissioners balk at plan for business grants 

Miami-Dade commissioners on Thursday stalled an effort to use property taxes to fund about $40 million in business grants for projects that included a private-jet hangar, charter school complex and production facility.


News_FPEKeysInfo: Marathon council OKs redevelopment of country club as a hotel 

The Marathon City Council on Tuesday unanimously OK’d the redevelopment of Florida Keys Country Club, a project fronted by accountant Peter Rosasco.


florida-times-uncfSouth Florida Times: KOCH BROTHERS GIFT TO UNCF CAUSING BACKLASH

In a letter made public Thursday, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said it will no longer partner with or raise funds for the fund, known for its iconic motto, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”





News_Florida_Public_EmployeesKSNU: New Law Could Strip Corrupt Public Employees of Retirement Benefits

Legislation signed this week by Governor Jay Nixon will in part prevent public employees from collecting a pension if convicted of certain felonies that breach the public’s trust in connection with their job. As KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports, the new law has connections to the recent Missouri State University Bookstore theft case.


Florida-public-employees-Pittsburg-PostPittsburg Post: Gov. Corbett says he will take pension reform to the public

After more than a day of criticism from fellow state Republicans who accused him of failing to show leadership, Gov. Tom Corbett said Friday that he has worked behind the scenes long enough and will take his cause of pension reform to the public.


florida-public-employees-KY3KY3:  New law bans pension advance loans

The Show-Me-State is the first in the nation to prohibit pension advances targeting public employees. Victims are often seniors, struggling to pay medical bills or care for aging loved ones. Companies promise to provide an upfront lump sum in exchange for all or a portion of a pension benefit. The schemes were unregulated in Missouri. Some plans have interest rates as high as 106 percent.


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